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Grade 6

My Goals

1. To organize my locker

2. Get higher scores in Math Tests

3. I will participate in class discussion

I wanted to get more organized with my locker but it’s still hard. My bag is really big so I have to squeeze my bag in. When I get paper work I try to organize it in folders,which helps a lot. I am trying my best to make sure that when I open my locker things don’t fall out. Since I have lots of books, sometimes my tray falls of so I have to think where I should put my things. I am getting better at this but I just need a little more effort. I hope I achieve my goal.

I also wanted to participate in class discussion more. This is a goal I really want to achieve. I’ve  always thought that I was a quite person so I had to get more involved. Sometimes it depends on what we are discussing because sometimes I  had ideas that I want to share. I should not be afraid and share my thoughts.

Another one of my goals are getting better at my math tests. I’m not really going well with this. What I should do is that when there is a math test I should revise what I have learned when I have free time. If I had math on a day and when I go back home I should show my parents what I have learned in math,so I can show my understanding. I will get ready when there is a test!



My Self Portrait

I drew this during the first Semester. I am proud of this because it was the first time for me to learn how to draw my self portrait. I think I did pretty well for drawing my self portrait.  I can see a big difference between the both of my drawings. Next time I will like to draw a better nose with better shadings in it.  I think that I drew my lips and eyes really well because it is realistic. My face is looking side ways so I would like to make it straight. This is the link to my reflection. You probably can guess which one is my fist drawing and my second.

 This is the second pice I like from my English. It is my Podcast I made for my Sakura medal book. It was the first time I made a podcast myself and it was very fun! I enjoyed it a lot. It was fun talking about the book because I love telling people about books I read. I hope you enjoy listening to my podcast and read the book The Grimm Legacy.

Click on me to listen to the Podcast



I am also proud of the Double figures video from Drama. I enjoyed making this scene with my friends. If I could do this again for Drama I would enjoy it! 🙂

6B Drama: Double Figures from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


I think I met all my goals because for math I started getting a tutor for helping me with math. When I started to do that I started getting higher scores than I did before,I am now really happy and I will still carry on. For my locker I think its kind of organized but not really. Last year my locker tray broke because I had lots of books,I tried to fix it but it never worked so I was struggling. Later on I finally figured out away how to organize my things so my bag can fit in my locker. For the class discussion I think I am doing well but I only share my ideas sometimes. But overall I am doing well! 🙂



One thing I think I did really well in is a drama performance I did with my friends Alina and Rhiannu. In drama we were focusing on performance so we made our own dance sequence and chose our own music. In our dance we had to make a story,the song we chose was Freak the Freak out by Victoria Justice.  My groups story is about 2 girls sitting down and 1 girl comes with head phones on ,listening to loud music. The 2 girls try to run away from the girl because she keeps dancing around.



Another thing I am proud of is my Gymnastics Performance. During this unit  half of Grade 6 had to do Gymnastics and the other half had to do Rounders. I was in Gymnastics and I learned lots of skills! We had to go in a group of 5 or 4 and make a performance out of what we learned during PE. The movie above is the performance I have done with my group,Mihaela,Kate and Tomoka. It was a lot of fun 🙂




Another thing I am proud about is writing about the trip to the Museum. On May 8th the whole 6 grade went to the Tokyo National Museum. We went on the train and walked to the museum. We were told to get a pice of paper and draw an object that we liked with the information. Everyone was in a group of 5 or 6 and I was with Raveena,Connor,Sumin,Alex. I have never been to the Tokyo National Museum so I was kind of excited to see what was inside. When we arrived and went inside it was big and filled with objects. It was like some kind of maze so I didn’t know where to start. The objects looked like it had been from Japan and the patterns were amazing. The paintings were big and the sculptures were so detailed!

One of the objects that cached my eye was The Yayoi Reburial System in Ibaraki. I thought this was interesting because it was a Jar with Human Face Ornament. It had beautiful patterns and looked amazing!  It is from Ozakatasite, Chikusei-shi, Ibaraki, Yayoi period, 2nd – 1st century BC (Gift of Mr. Tanaka Kunio). I’m not sure what it was used for but maybe to put some plants or water in there. Near the exit of the museum there was a little game thing that you turn and something will come out. When one of the things came out it was the mini version of the Jar with the human face! I was so happy 🙂



Another thing I am really proud of is my Tutorial I did in Technology. It was the first time for me to do a tutorial so I had so much fun! I did a tutorial about How to pronounce words in chinese.As I created my Tutorial I learned that it is very important to plan out what you are going to do,memorize your script and get what you need for your tutorial before you do your final. I learned that you have to practice a few times to get everything memorized before the final. I also learned that having you Tutorial clear,having a clear voice,having no background noises makes a big difference. It looks more better with expressions and enthusiasm. I am glad I learned a lot because if I make another tutorial I will make it better.

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