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Tap Dance

   The Begining

The story began like this. When I was a little kid around 4 years old,me and my brother started Ballet class in Hong Kong in a class called DMR. In DMR they teach Ballet,Tap dance and Jazz dance. We did a lot of performances till my brother got interested in doing Tap dance. He quit Ballet and joined a Tap dance class. When he showed me his shoes it looked a lot different to my Ballet shoes,it looked really cool. They had metal on the bottom and made sounds! However,I continued Ballet.

Days passed and I wanted to start Tap dancing because it was amazing hearing my brothers tap shoes going “click clack.” I started to get an interest so I joined in. At first it was hard. I was struggling but I got used to it. I was proud of myself learning how to tap.

Thank you to my brother who let me start Tap dancing!

      Next Step 

When my family moved to Japan, my Mum found a Tap dance studio in Nakameguro (Tokyo) called Kaz Tap Studio. I am taking classes there with my brother and it’s really fun! I have learned new steps that are hard and easy. A man called Kazunori Kumagai owns the studio. Kazunori is a famous Tap dancer in America. In America he was chosen for one of the  25 must see shows.                       This is Kazunori  Kumagai



            Omar Edward Came

On the 26 of October a famous person from America called Omar Edwards came to the Kaz Tap studio.Me and my brother took his class. It was really hard but we did our best. It was very challenging but it was fun. He showed us some steps that I had never saw before. I was glad I met him because he is cool and amazing at doing Tap dance.                              This is Omar Edward













With Kazunori Kumagai in HongKong

I went to Hong Kong and I did Kazunori Kumagai’s class. I also did a advance beginner class with Murata,who me and my brother takes classes with him in Japan. Kazunori,Murata and Shoko the Tap dancers from Kaz Tap Studio went to visit Honk Kong.


With Kazunori Kumagai

With Murata


These pictures are from here

On October 27th at the Kaz Tap Studio we had a Halloween party! It was really fun,we had to dress up as something and walk around Nakameguro in Tokyo.

All the people who came to the Halloween Party

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