My Favourite Tutorial Tap Dance

In technology class we have been looking at tutorials and we all looked at 3 or 5 tutorials. We wrote everything on a google doc. My favourite tutorial I picked out was How to shuffle in tap. The questions we answered after we watched the video wereย whatย is good about it,ย what was need to get improved and how will it help you in other places.

I would choose this tutorial because tap is my favourite hobby and I think she explained very well and she had a very clear voice and had a very clear white background and not a funky background. She has bright lights to see her, very easy to learn and easy to understand. I had fun watching because she made me want to watch more non stop.

5 thoughts on “My Favourite Tutorial Tap Dance

  1. Hey Sena,

    I don’t tap-dance but I can tell it’s important to warm-up like how important it is to warm-up in soccer. It’s good to warm-up so you don’t get hurt.

    The video was clear and her voice was loud and understandable. There were no background sounds so the viewer didn’t get distracted. There were two camera angles so the viewer got a better understanding of what she was talking about. She always had a smile on her face so the viewer thought she looked happy what she was doing which she probably was.

    I didn’t think there was nothing bad about the video. The video was professional.

    P.S. Nice Blog. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. It’s a great video you chose. She is very clear and loud and it’s understandable to everyone.
    It was good how she put another camera only showing her feet because people can take a good look at how she is doing the shuffle. She looked very confident and happy so I can see that she likes tap dancing. I think who ever watches this will be able to do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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