Informercial Reflection

think that I adressed the target audience pretty well. Because the target audience was to the more overweight public, I acted like I completely understood them and stood taller to create an illusion of being slimmer, so that the target audience would believe this product really worked.

The overall structure of the infomercial was an catchy intro, information about the product, and then an ending about where to buy it and an overall conclusion. My speech was mainly based on hook lines to make people feel self concious/worried (e.g everyone knows you’re not in perfect shape) and then adding reassurance (it’s okay to lose some weight!). My speech was more of an explanation and demonstration. I demonstrated how to use the product (snap off the cap, and drink) and explained it’s benefits. I think I could have approached this a little better by emphasising certain words more and talking more slowly to let the message sink in more to the audience.
persuasive techniques: slogan, jingle, energy, purr words, appealing to wants and needs – how was your voice and body used successfully?
You may not need to comment on all of these areas, but you will need to focus on your use of a persuasive tone

Copyright Reflection

I feel that you should be allowed to use any amount of a song as long as you credit the author/publishing company/ musician so that you don’t get full credit for the whole song. For me, if you take credit for the full song you are committing plagiarism and should be prosecuted unless you do no know about it. Lastly I find that it should be ok for people to upload lyric videos to youtube or other places using songs that others have made as long as they aren’t saying that is their own song.

Soundtrack reflection

A leitmotif is a short piece of music that introduces a character, a theme is a longer piece of music that introduces the company or film.

 Elements of music and how they change moods in music

love, tension, adventure, horror, sad, happy

the sounds can make people happy by being high, sad by being low and slow, adventurous when loud and fast etc.


The change in volume, pitch etc.


the speed of the music


what you use to make the music


how high or low the note is


the use of eighth, quarter, half notes etc.


the time signature

 The difference between a leitmotif and theme is that a leitmotif is a short piece of music that introduces a character while a theme introduces the company/movie. The different elements of music can make people happy by being high, sad by being low and slow, adventurous when loud and fast, the pitch and tempo really affect this.

Dynamics is the change in volume and pitch, this affects how the music sounds and the mood. The tempo is how fast or slow the music goes, this can also affect the mood. The different instruments can also affect the mood and genre of the music, for western there is usually guitar, drum, brass, strings, sci fi uses drums, piano, synthesizers and sometimes strings and brass. The range varies between genres, sci fi usually has a small range with the notes closer, horror can go from really low to really high. Rhythm is also different between genres, sci fi usually has slow and long notes, western usually has fast and short notes.

Furniture Design; Grade 8 Design Technology Reflection

In Tech class for the past semester we have been working on making a cardboard chair, for this we have had to go through the design cycle, this means investigating, planning, designing, creating and then now evaluating. For our product test we have decided to ask Carlos, Spencer, Peter, Connor, and Alex Jones. For our specifications we were mainly focusing on that is has a stand, that is stays upright, that it is ergonomic, that the chair is rounded, and that it hold the person weight. When we made the chair we were keeping it in Mr.Clark’s office, he tried to sit on ti while it wasn’t finished and broke it, so we decided to change the way that the seat was placed and is placed; from a chair that is standing upright the a char that is more like a bed/couch as shown in the pictures below:

The Original Version

The Original Version

The Modified Version

The Modified Version

Despite this we still had to do our product test and I wasn’t very confident about this but the results were good and everyone was very happy with how the chair felt and looked. Here are the comparisons compared to our specific parameters. It does stand so that means that the first one was good and it is stable so it is good across the board for the general, but for our function category we have completely failed with it not being able to recline or have airflow. I think that we were over expecting what we could do with the reclining feature but we just failed with the airflow function. We did half well with the safety feature with it not having extra support but it does not collapse. It has a semi rounded shape with the back being quite flat with a rounded base and it doesn’t look sloppy except for the corner where it was crushed by Mr.Clark. Lastly it can uphold the weight of an 8th grader and it is not weak.

I feel that through out the whole process I have done a good job. Despite the quiz at the end of the investigation stage where we didn’t do so well we did a good job in showing how our research went and what we researched with lots of facts. In the design stage when we thought that we had to draw three models as a group when we had to draw three for each person all of our designs looked somewhat similar with them all involving an egg shape that is like a rounded ball. In we moved through the plan phase very quickly, being the first to have our prototypes finished we were able to comment on that early and start building our chair before it was done. In the create phase we were confident the whole way through even when other groups were fighting and complaining.

To reflect upon our unit question innovation can make our school, community, country and maybe world more eco-friendly because we can start using materials that are thrown away to make cool looking objects that people like and will buy and hopefully sell again and then they go a longer period of time before they are thrown out. Innovation can make people think about how they se everything differently and then see it as a project waiting to be made.

In conclusion, this was not my favourite unit that I have done in tech, if I ever did it agin I would have liked to make out of materials, such as the whole class using wood and saws to make more advanced chairs that have a lot more uses and are more complex.


The Shape I’m in- 8th Grade Ceramics

IMG_1127 IMG_1129

In art class for the unit we have just finished we have been working with ceramics, and we had to make cups. For my cup I tried to follow the plan that I had made in my head which was to make a cup that looked somewhat like a goblet or a challis, and I feel that I did well to get to that point. I had this whole idea in my mind because I wanted to have no handle and make it like a casual drinking cup instead of more of a coffee or tea mug/cup.


I finished my cup quite early along in the process which meant that I had a lot of time to make other thing out of clay. I feel that I rushed the process a bit and had I have put some more effort in to my cup at the early stages it would have turned out better than it did. I feel that I mainly rushed the way I made the sides of the cup and with a small bit more effort in making it, it could be smoother and better looking. I also feel that my lip was a bit rushed and could have used a bit more attention to make it smoother and more level to get the correct shape and a more desirable looking shape that is easier to drink out of.


Although it may not look like the nicest cup there you can drink out of it and I am glad for that. It seems to look on more of a lopsided angle to the right of the loge on the cup this is only something of a design fault and does not make a difference to to actual function of the cup and kind of gives a point on the cup that gives a good front and back to the cup.


Fairytail Musical Analysis

This shows the times that the pieces of music are shown in the episode.




00:00: The theme for the very opening, this is used to create an old and mysterious vibe. It uses instruments such as the Cello, Violin, and Drums.


00:54: This is the first theme song for the show. It starts by using a guitar and then brings in drums and a flute, the main use of this is to introduce the show and show what it is about.


02:20: This is a nice setting song. It is used to show place and the theme of the place. It uses a medium beat and a flute to make a cheery vibe.


03:01: It is something used too just add character to the name of the episode. It is a guitar and drums to show that the show it cool.


03:09: This is another setting song. It includes a flute and an accordion. It is use to show the port theme of the town.


04:50: This is a song to show the emotions of the characters. It uses an accordion and the piano. This show that they are feeling sick or down.


07:05: This it another setting song. It uses the accordion and the flute to show the way that the restaurant is set up.


09:02: This piece is a character piece. It uses the Cello and piano to give a scary image on Igneel the dragon.


10:26: This piece is a character piece designed to show how creepy Salamander is. It uses a guitar and a trombone.


17:00: This is another character piece, it is used to show how scary and awesome Aquarius is. It uses and Accordion, Violin, Drums and, a Guitar at the end of the piece.

Chapitre Dix: Mis en Train

Activité 1: Tu as compris?
1. Why does Magali want to buy something new?
2. What is Hélène going to wear? Why?
3. What type of clothing is Magali looking for?
4. What outfit does Magali like?

1. To have something to wear at Sophie’s birthday party
2. Jeans and a T-shirt
3. Something original but cheap
4. The green skirt and green shirt

Activité 2: C’est qui?
Qui parle? C’est Magali, Hélène ou la vendeuse?
1. «J’aimerais quelque chose d’original et pas trop cher.»
2. «Je peux vous aider?»
3. «Moi, j’aime bien être en jean et en tee-shirt. C’est simple et agréable à porter.»
4. «Qu’est-ce que vous faites comme taille?»
5. «Chacun ses goûts.»
6. «Est-ce que vous l’avez en vert?»
7. «C’est tout à fait votre style.»
8. «Ce n’est pas tellement mon style.»

1. Magali
2. la vendeuse
3. Hélène
4. la vendeuse
5. Hélène
6. Magali
7. la vendeuse
8. Magali

Activité 3: Chacun ses goûts
Qu’est-ce que Magali dit de ces vêtements?
1. le jean et le tee-shirt d’Hélène
2. la première jupe que la vendeuse propose.
3. la jupe verte en 38

1. Pourquoi est-ce que tu ne trouves pas quelque chose d’original? De mignon?
2. Bof. C’est pas tellement mon style.
3. Oui, c’est pas mal, mais elle est un peu large, non?

Activité 4: Qu’est-ce qu’elle répond?
Qu’est-ce que Magali répond à la vendeuse?

1. Qu’est-ce que vous faites comme taille?
2. Comment la trouvez-vous?
3. Je peux vous aider?
4. Ah, très chic! C’est tout à fait votre style.

a. Vous trouvez? Mais, je ne sais pas quoi mettre avec.
b. Je fais du 38.
c. Je cherche quelque chose pour aller à une fête.
d. Bof. Ce n’est pas tellement mon style.


Activité 5: Cherche les expressions
According to Chacun ses goûts, how would you …

1. express indecision?
2. express satisfaction with your clothes?
3. tell a salesperson what you want?
4. tell what size you wear?
5. express dissatisfaction with clothes?
6. ask for a certain color or size?

1. Je ne sais pas quoi mettre
2. C’est simple et agréable à porter
3. J’aimerais quelque chose de…
4. Je fais du…
5. C’est pas tellement mon style
6. Est-ce que vous l’avez en… ?

Activité 6: Et maintenant, à toi
Est-ce que tu préfères le style de Magali ou d’Hélène? Qu’est-ce que tu aimes comme vêtements?

A mon avis, je préfères le style d’Hélène, parce que c’est simple et pratique. J’aime beaucoup des tee-shirts et des jeans parce-que ce sont agréable. Je n’aime pas beaucoup des vêtements traditionnelle parce que il sont difficile à déplacer dans.

Visual Art: Reflection on Digital Character Illustrations

In Art we had to design a character based on a font that we picked in class, The font that I chose was Lucida Blackletter.

When we made our drawings we had to pick an aspect of the font to base the drawing on, for my drawing I chose to go on the time period that the font was based on. Lucida Blackletter was made to look like the type of writing that would have been written by nobles. I tried to make the clothes that my character wears look like clothes that would have been worn by nobles of that time. To do this it took a lot of research on my behalf to make the colours, style and patterns similar to fashion of that time period.

One of the strengths of my drawing is that I managed to make the person look realistic using the style that I used, I used this style because it made it easy for me to draw people/humans which I am not particularly good at. Another feature that I think looks good is the masterpiece that the person is unveiling. One of the weaknesses of my drawing was the shadow behind the person, originally I made the shadow to give my character an alter-ego.

I feel that stereotypes had very effect that hindered or improved my drawing because I didn’t have a person that had been stereotyped and used research to back all of my choices.

James Bond Skyfall Trailer

This is the soundtrack Cole & I made for the James Bond Skyfall trailer.

In music class we re-made the skyfall trailer soundtrack in garageband. We were supposed to use all three leitmotif parts in the soundtrack. Using sound effects was an option as well.

Cole and I worked together, we used all parts of the leitmotif but the tone and mood of the trailer soundtrack didn’t really match the visuals when it was supposed to be more intense, we kept it at the around the same level.

Overall I think we could have made larger changes in the soundtrack according to the video, but the soundtrack is pretty good.

This is the Skyfall trailer that we made in class