Tech/ Reflection: Final cut tutorial

This is my How to draw a realistic eye tutorial, and reflection on it(:

How to Draw a Realistic Eye from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

When I was creating my tutorial I learn’t that have titles come across the screen can make you tutorial very clear and understandable as well as knowing at what step you are at. Also during the making the very interesting part of my tutorial was that even if your not speaking the titles explain most of what your doing.

Overall I pretty happy with my tutorial and on how it turned out. It has clear and good steps but I think I should’ve talked in my tutorial to get people to understand more on my tutorial. It has good and general language, and it has easy and helpful steps to get what you want to have happening in the drawing.

The tutorial was not easy or hard but it was a good and general easy to understand assignment so it was some what easy todo. My weakness that really stuck out was that maybe in my tutorial it was hard to understand. The reason for this was because I did not have a speaking part so it was only the text and video. My Strength was the making of the video. The editing and Videoing. This is because I just love to make video and edit them also act in them too. So basically making a tutorial was anything new to me. The reason for the videoing was because I had a nice quite and none distracting area to work in (because I was home alone).

In my tutorial I followed the criteria I was aiming for what I wanted. I used the step-by-step method which worked great for my, I used the clear videoing, I used titles and I used understandable text in my scenes. I got these criteria to work in my tutorial by using iMovie that has some what good quality videoing, at least to see what my finished product to look like. My titles were good and everyday words so the viewers would understand. My step by step was good because I had transitions in my video that helped it get it all together.

If you want to make a good tutorial you should have clear titles and understandable steps for your viewers to understand what you are doing. Also if you are speaking or recording your voice, you should be in a quiet room and clear voice so drink some water before you make your tutorial.

Looking at Other Peoples Tutorials.

Up above is Josefine’s tutorial shes has good and great skill in art and making a tutorial. I learnt how to make a more realistic noes. So if I am creating a face I want have a hard time creating a face.

Up above is Sophia’s Tutorial and in her tutorial she helped me learn how to know the C,D,E,H,G,A,B’s for playing the piano.

Above is Maya’s tutorial she did a great job making it. I learnt how to speak properly.

Thankyou for reading,


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  1. Hey juulia,

    good job on your tutorial.I like how you have writing in your video because it makes it unique and easy to understand but I think you should have added some music so it can be more entertaining and educational to watch.I learned how to draw a eye from your perspective I learned ways to make it look like and how to do it.I think this tutorial deserves between 4 and 5.

  2. Hi there Juulia(:
    Your blog is soo amazing anyways,
    I think what makes this a good tutorial is that you have good tips and you have it step-by-step so its easy to understand what to do.Also the background music you have in the beginning really matches what you are teaching.
    What I learned from watching this video is how to draw a realistic eye in the many ways you can draw it, also I learned some tips on how to draw the eyes like you shouldn’t draw it like a seed.
    I think that this video meets good quality video, no distracting background noises, clear steps, background music in the beginning and extra tips on how to draw eyes.


  3. I agree that you were able to teach the skill of drawing a realistic eye without speaking, but also that it might be a bit easier to follow with some speaking. It would be good to have a combination of both, and some background music as well. I see you have some good feedback from friends on this post, where are your comments on other students blogs?

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