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DOE Silver Reflection.



I chose student council as my service aspect for the Duke of Edinburgh award. I have been in student council since 9th grade, thus this was my second year. In grade 10, I served as a liaison between student council and the PTSA. This meant that I communicated to the PTSA of any event or support we needed from them as well as informing and communication to the PTSA of student council’s upcoming activities and progress. In the beginning of the school year, I led a new event “Summer Festival (Natsumatsuri)” and a fundraising concert “Live Aid” to support Combating Human Trafficking. I also continued to lead the stage crew for other concerts such as “Back to School” and “Studentainment”, both concerts giving the talented students in our school an opportunity to perform in front of their high school peers. When leading the two events, I had difficulty delegating work. The Summer Festival was the more difficult to delegate because most of the work had to be done over the summer break as the event was held only two weeks into school. I found myself doing a lot of the work that I could delegate because I felt that it was easier. Delegating work was hard for me because some people would not get things done on the time, produced bad quality work or simply did not do it. By the time I led Live Aid, I understood more that though it can take more time and patience to delegate the work, delegating is important in order for me to be a successful leader. Of course, there were times it was frustrating because communications were hard and the quality of work depended on the person. At the end, all events turned out a success. Overall, during this year in student council I learnt the importance of delegation when you are a leader.

Physical Recreation:

I chose basketball for my physical recreation aspect for the Duke of Edinburgh program, since I was on the team. During the 6 months I practiced my basketball shots, I learnt that practicing for a long time is less important and that being constant with the practice results in improvement. Even though I knew this fact through other sports and activities from younger age, I hadn’t really worked to improve on a skill for a long time as I grew up and got busier. I also realised the greatness of YouTube. As I did not have a person to properly teach me the skills to shoot, I used YouTube as my main source for tips. Because of this experience YouTube tutorials will be a tool I will use more often to self-teach other skills. Overall, through the 6 months, not only did I develop my basketball shooting skills but I learnt how to self-teach to improve myself.


I chose to compose a message song for my skill aspect for the Duke of Edinburgh award program. This was also my personal project. During this process, I learnt the difficulty of creating a piece of art that has to have a specific message. It was not my first time to compose a song but it was my first composition that had a meaning/message to convey to the audience. This gave me a chance to reflect on how people think and how other musicians write music in order to tell a story, a message, an idea, etc. It was much more challenging compared to writing songs about a feeling or a personal experience. This process of the personal project also required me to be organized and keep track of my research. Overall, the process of coming up with lyrics that could convey a message while not being too straight forward was difficult but gave me a chance to reflect on how to create music in a specific way / with a specific aim and how the song can have a high impact on someone’s way of thinking.

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GCD Adventure DOE silver expedition


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Media Fair – last 10th grade English project


On June 8th of 2016, the grade 10 English classes had a media fair, held in Mr. Kew & Ms.Barbour’s classroom (our english teachers). The purpose of this fair was for the two classes to get a chance to look at their peer’s posters, made as our last project of grade 10. Each student chose a controversial topic then analysed five different text types from the media to get different perspectives of the controversy.

Marlon, a student from my class chose gun control as his topic. Cartoon, article, meme, visual ad, and video ad was the text types he chose to analyse. What I found interesting was that he found that there was a very strong division between people who care and people who could care less and did not have a opinion about it. Most who cared cared a huge amount and had a very strong opinion while for others it was not something they were concerned about. I feel this has to do with where you live and which part in a country you live as well.

Sabrina who is a student in the other class’s, Ms.Barbour’s class, chose her topic to be California. She is from California and moved here at the start of 9th grade. She used blog, opinion, song, entertainment, and informative as her text types. She feels as a person that knows California and from the sources she found, that many people feel that they have a image of California being only beach while in reality it is a multi cultural mix. She also feels that many people have so many stereotypes about the people there but there are people from many places in the world and a mix of different types of people. In addition she feels most people focus on southern California which she does not feel represents the whole of the place.

Meadow, also in Ms.Barbour’s class chose transgender bathrooms as her controversy. Campaign video, video news show, twitter, news report, article, opinion blog were her text types / where  she got her perspectives from. She told me about Obama’s speech and how this raised this topic in the conversations of the citizens of the United States. Though it sounds like a good idea, people who are against this idea are afraid of sexual predators who might take advantages of having a shared toilet between the two genders. Meadow feels that there should be one private toilet in each public toilet so that the people in public don’t have to know about the person who is transgender.

Lastly Tobi in Ms.Barbour’s class chose Steven Gerrard as his topic. Steven Gerrard is a  professional English footballer who plays central midfielder for Major League Soccer club LA Galaxy. Tobi looked at opinion, meme, news article, soccer cleats, video as his text types while looking at the different opinions people have of this football player who is also a person who he looks up to as a football player. He found that people either thought he was a great player or thought that he was very overrated & bad at what he does. I found it interesting the very big gap and contrast between the two sides.

Overall, the media fair gave us grade 10s a chance to look at our peers projects as well as hear about the different perspectives people found on the controversial topics they chose while we also got to talk to new people from our own class or the other. I enjoyed this fair and found it a great opportunity to talk to new people and also hear their opinion as well as the different perspectives they found from the media.

California - Sabrina

California – Sabrina

Gun Control - Marlon

Gun Control – Marlon

Steven Gerrard - Tobi

Steven Gerrard – Tobi

Transgender Bathrooms -Meadow

Transgender Bathrooms -Meadow

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Drama Monologue


I chose this, my second take, as my final performance because in my opinion this is the one that I had the best pace for. I chose to portray my character as a nice girl that is liked in school but has inner issues that she does not share with anyone. I tried to show this with how I dressed. I chose to dress like a girly girl because she is portrayed as the kind of girl that can get a guy very easily and a popular girl amongst the guys. I believe that vocally my performance was not weak but in the expression especially facially, I think I could have performed better. I believe that when talking in general I look like I am smiling even though that is not the emotion I was trying to portray. This is the biggest issue in my monologue performance, if I would have realised this on my practice I could have practiced my facial expressions. My used of space was good and the timing of standing up and sitting back down I believe makes sense because I stand up when the monologue escalates and there is furry in my character then pace when speaking my thoughts, then I sit back down when I am talking about how I disappoint myself. I believe I have to improve my facial expression and portraying the character, especially since my monologue is out of character for the character I chose. I feel this was hard because the character I was portraying was not a simple character but had very complex background and had a lot of built up emotion.

10 Drama: Monologues26 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

10 Drama: Monologues22 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

This is Mario’s Monologue Above. I feel that he has good pace in his monologue. I also feel that he has good actions during his monologue. It is hard to make actions during a monologue seem natural but I feel that he did it well and there were no awkward actions. He also has good emotions and facial expressions that go well together with what he is saying. For further improvement he should use the space more. He does not use upstage nor downstage and stays in the same area the whole time. This may be hard to do but if he does not have the table in the same area but upstage or downstage this would make the use of space better. Overall he performed the piece well with good body language, facial expressions, and emotion in his speaking while he could improve his use of stage and how he set the scene up.

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Ethics in Science Experiments – Little Albert (Classical Conditioning)


What’s the Story?

The experiment name “Little Albert” is a nickname given to a 9 month old infant from a hospital who was chosen as the subject of an experiment. John Watson, also known as the father of behaviorisms was a psychologist who wanted to experiment and get results on whether fear was innate or a conditioned response. The experiment on the 9 month infant, Little Albert was done by first introducing a white rat, a rabbit, a monkey and various masks. Little Albert did not show any fear when introduced to these stimuli. When a loud noise of a hammer getting stuck against a steel bar was made, Little Albert however showed fear and cried. About two months later they put the white rat in front of Little Albert and seconds after struck the steel bar with a hammer. For the next seven weeks, they continued this seven times in total. Every time the result being Little Albert showing fear and crying as a result. By the 7th time, Little Albert would react to the rat with fear crying even before the loud noise would occur. He even started to try and crawl away from the rat. Little Albert also generalised this fear to objects such as dogs, fur coat, cotton wool, and other things generally having some similar characteristic to the stimuli. This showing that classical conditioning can also cause phobias which is irrational fear. Little Albert’s fear of the stimuli decreased as time went by, this response being called extinction.


What were they trying to find out?

The experiment was done for the purpose of finding out if emotional response was a pattern of stimulus and response, experimenting behaviourism. Classical conditioning had been experimented on animals before this experiment using most commonly known from the food and bell conditioning, but had never been properly tested on humans. Therefore, the Little Albert experiment was to see if classical conditioning applied to humans as well. They found out that classical conditioning can create a phobia as well as that fear was a conditioned response.

Was this ethical?

This was not ethical because the experiment had long term effects on Little Albert who was the subject and there was also no mention of consent. Little Albert was left with a fear of anything fluffy or/and white because of his generalised fear. Little Albert had left the hospital before John Watson could desensitise him from this fear. Little Albert not being desensitised from this fear makes it more unethical than it would have been if he was, though even so it is still not an ethical experiment especially done on an orphans easily be taken advantage of for science experiments in many cases.

How else could the information have been gathered?

It is hard to think of another way to collect this data instead of actually experimenting on a human. However, this experiment could have been done properly with consent and an explanation as to the possible long term effects on the subject. The fact that Little Albert was chosen out of a hospital and was an orphan makes it more unethical as well. Therefore a better way to do this experiment would be to get an infant with a parent who could give informed consent and make sure that the infant is desensitised to the fear as well. (I am not sure if it has/had to be an infant or not)

(Albert with a...)

(Albert with a…)


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Albert with a Furry Animal and the Loud Sound about to be givenThe Case of Little Albert  Digital image. Psychlopedia. Web. 27 Apr. 2016.



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Field Studies – IYA


Iya is a place that not a lot of people know of. Every single person that listened to my stories about Iya first asked me where Iya was and would say that they’ve never heard of the place. This field studies was a great experience not only because I was in the nature that I love but because I learnt that there was a very different lifestyle eve within Japan and that the people in Iya have a very happy life even if they are alone. It was interesting to hear from actual people that live the life style the way they live and noticing the difference in culture even though we are in the same country.

In Iya I appreciated the nature a lot more than usual because of the nice views, nice air, and the relaxation it gave me. It was nice to be with most of my close friends in this experience and having moments and making memories that I will never forget. One of the most memorable moments of the trip were the accomplishment we all felt together at the top of all the mountains or at the goal as well as the process of getting there pushing each other, putting on music, singing random songs & chants, and overall the bond that grew throughout the whole experience. I had never seen a sunset or sunrise from the top of a mountain nor had the chance to star gaze while freezing with some of the best people in my life. These were some of the key moments / memories that I shared with my friends that I loved and will cherish for the rest of my life.

I was in the cooking group for the last night. For the last night we did a barbecue. There was a man there to help us. His name was Ishii san and we made yaki onigiri’s together. During this process and spending time with each other he started telling me about his life and little stories. He told me the story of how he got to Iya and found the place. He told me how he has family in Tokyo but he hates crowds and having to live in a rush. He told me how he had no human contact most of the time and didn’t have anyone living around him until 5km away from his house. Even being alone in a house with not a lot of people, he has a perfectly happy life and he loves it in Iya. When I first stepped foot in Iya and noticed how we barely saw any people, I thought the people living in Iya were mostly elderlies that are alone and have family else where in Japan or no family left. But Ishii san was a man in his 30s that lived in a house by himself in Iya, perfectly happy and had family in Tokyo and a niece he told about that he wants to camp with when he becomes a bit older. The short period of time I spent with him gave me a lot to think about and listening to his stories was one of the best memories I have from the trip as well.

Overall this is one of the best field studies I have been to in this school because of the memories that I made with my friends, the bond that grew throughout this experience, and learning that there is a completely different lifestyle out there in the nature of Japan. The whole experience was great and I would love to have a chance to do something like this again.

After Star Gazing

After Star Gazing

The Process of getting to the top

The Process of getting to the top

Yaki Onigiri Making with Ishii san

Yaki Onigiri Making with Ishii san



With my friends taking a break

With my friends taking a break

Hugging for warmth during sunset

Hugging for warmth during sunset



Star Gazing

Star Gazing

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Drama Journal #2


This is the first drama journal for me. I joined/switched to drama class recently from music. Joining drama, I would like to improve my confidence and my communication skills / public speaking skills.

In class we have been learning to devise from a picture or object. We have done many in class pieces which are inspired from an image or object that was given to us. We also learnt and used difference forms, style, and transition of drama and applying it to our in class performances.

When devising we learnt that it helps to observe literally what you see first, then to look at what it reminds you of, themes, and concepts. Then we made up one sentence stories in order to get different ideas then proceeding to chose one of them and expanding the story to act out. In addition to images and objects we also spent a class looking at devising from music. When devising from music you first figure out if it is traditional or modern and what kind of tempo it has. Then we proceeded to think of words, feelings, atmosphere, things that came in to mind while listening to music. The last step is the same as the other two, you make one sentence stories than pick one to expand and act out.

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Benefits of hosting a big event – World Cup Brazil


There are pros and cons of hosting a big event in your country, city. This has been discussed among many and there has even been protest about this subject. I believe that there can be major benefits as well as costs for hosting a big event such as the World Cup that was hosted by brazil last year, 2014. The World Cup took place in different venues of brazil and was held Thursday June 12th – Sunday July 13th.

There are several benefits of hosting the world cup. When hosting the World Cup or any other major sporting event you will need to build or rebuild stadiums and that can be beneficial for the community.There is also rebuilding or building infrastructure such as roads, airports, public transportation system, water, electricity and other energy sources. This can benefit the community a lot especially if they are still a developing country, this is a good opportunity to develop different aspects of their facilities which will improve the efficiency of life style for the people living in the areas. Hosting a big event comes with exposure and recognition of the country which increases tourism to more income which makes economy better and also could improve safety in the area.

The cost of having all these benefits with hosting an event is that hosting requires more national budget which means more debt and money environment distraction. The issue with the use of money led to protest in Brazil which is a major disadvantage to the community. There are very famous locations of destination for tourists but after a big event like World Cup the tourist destination changes which can be an disadvantage depending on the place.

Overall I think that hosting a big event can be very beneficial but can also have costs too it as well. But if I were to decide, I would want to host an event because of the attention the country would get and the many benefits that come with it even though it can be very hard.


economical benefit of brazil hosting world cup

advantage of hosting a big sporting event 

sustainable brazil 2014 economics 

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Which movie is better? Romeo and Juliet


Most people know the famous play by Shakespear “Romeo an Juliet” but not all have watched the two films that were made based on the play. Zefferelli’s version from 1968 and the more modern Luhrmann’s from 1996.Zeffirelli’s film is better because of its authentic setting and faithful characterisation of the character. From watching the film, I enjoyed Luhrmann’s version better because of the interpretation and twist to the setting. The way Romeo and Juliet played out in my head was however very different from Luhrmann’s version. This is due to the fact that when Romeo and Juliet is performed in live theatres, the clothing is very old fashioned and you get a totally different atmosphere from what Luhrmann’s film was like. 

Some might argue that Luhrmann’s version of the film is better because it is more enjoyable with all the action and comedic adaptation of a famously known tragic play. Personality, I usually like movies that are faithful to the book especially if I have read the book. I can not deny the fact that Luhrmann’s version was more attracting because of the action and quick pace of the movie while keeping the tragedy and adding more comedy to the story. But because I did read the play and envisioned my own interpretation of “Romeo and Juliet” Zeffirelli’s version was better.

Set in an old town in Gubbio, and the old fashioned clothing gives Zeffirelli’s film a more faithful atmosphere and setting compared to Luhrmann’s film. The old looking buildings and the architecture is beautiful and is very effective at setting the scene. Adding on to this the characters in Zeffirelli’s version looks their part in age and in the way they act throughout the movie, which makes the characterisation of the character faithful as well. For example, comparing Juliet in Luhrmann’s film played by Claire danes, Olivia Hussey in Zeffirelli’s film looks more the part of a 14 year old girl. Comparing other characters as well, they look the part and play the characters faithfully to the play with a little bit of their twist.

For these reasons, Zeffirelli’s film is better than Luhrmann’s. The movie makes it possible for the readers of the play to watch a visual form of what they read, and I believe that makes a good movie 

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Bystander Effect


The bystander effect is when you witness something but don’t take action because of the presence of others around them. This can be when people ignore a person suffering needing help, or in the worse case in a situation of living or dying. With or without knowing, our decisions and action are affected by the actions of others and if we are with alone or not.Diffusion of Responsibility, Social Influence and Audience inhibition are three possible reasons why people do not react to an situation that is right in front of them appropriately.

There have been many tragic incidents that happened in the past because of bystanders at the scene of the incident not doing anything to help the person in trouble. Medical daily has an article about an incident in the NYC subway when a man was hit by a subway train but attempted to lift himself from the rail when people stood and watched him. There is even a photo taken by a bystander that was names “This Man Is About to Die: Doomed” . This is not leaning towards only one of the three reasons but probably the most on audience inhibition because there is a possibility that when trying to help you could get pulled into the rail track as well or other possible things that could happen to make the situation worse. It could also be the thought of I should not do anything if others are not doing anything.

First of all, subway station do not encourage people to go down on the train tracks to help another because there is 750 bolts of electricity and if stepped on it is enough to kill you. What people can do to help is to try to signal the conductor of the train that something is wrong by waving your hands. In Japan there is also a SOS button around the train station that will send a signal to the train approaching as well as all other trains in the area that something is wrong in that station. This is an easier action to take than to think about jumping in to a train track to save another person. If we can get people in the world have the mentality that you are different from others and should do what you think if right and not what others are doing, there is a better possibility people will take action in situations where people around them are not.


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