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Archive for May, 2012

English Exam Reflection

Posted by Johan Standar on 17th May 2012

What can I target between now and grade 7? My few main target is about the use of repetition because I made a sentence and repeated the sentence again. I will also think of better headlines because sometimes my headline is not very accurate. Two other things that are very important is the use of […]

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Technology Teachers Of The Future Evaluate Reflection

Posted by Johan Standar on 11th May 2012

During this unit we also did a Investigate, Plan and Create reflection

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National Museum Reflection

Posted by Johan Standar on 10th May 2012

        We went to a field trip and went to Ueno Zoo and then we went to tokyo national museum and looked at different objects. We were so posed to go to two different buildings the asian and the japanese but the asian building was closed so we could only go to […]

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English movie making

Posted by Johan Standar on 6th May 2012

In English class we made two short films and toke screenshots from both of the short films. We made the two short films because to become and learn how to be a movie expert. Film making has worked very well because we have used different camera angles and different lengths. There is nothing really wrong […]

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Drama Reflection on use of feedback

Posted by Johan Standar on 4th May 2012

In Drama we made a video of a dance about movement and the group I got is Arunansu, Yudai, Eddie and Myself and I am here to talk about the feedback that I got. The positive feedback that I got is we had everything same and a good organization. Another thing that is positive is […]

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Tech digital citizenship slideshow

Posted by Johan Standar on 1st May 2012

This is a few pictures from a slideshow we created a about digital citizenship! Please enjoy.   The people that helped to make this is Sungwon Kosuke and myself.

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