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English Poetry Presentation Review

Posted by Johan Standar on 10th December 2013

In english class we did presentation about a poem that we took from poetry 180. I looked at the poem called Forgotten Planet. In the presentation, you have to write about three different quotations and make a creative response to the poem. the creative response can be anything creative that you yourself has created. This blog post is going to talk about 4 different people’s presentation. I am going to look at Megan, Spencer, Zerric and Mario.

Megan did a presentation about the poem Fat Is Not a Fairy TaleFat Is Not a Fairy Tale is a poem made by Jane Yolen. The poet renames all of the disney princesses to sound more fat (Eg.Cinder Elephant, Snow Weight, ETC) which is intriguing. This is intriguing because it gives hilarity to the poem and the disney princesses themselves. Also the poet sounds like she is hiding something she knows. This poem is telling us that no matter how you are, you should be confident. The creative response Megan made was a picture book. The picture book is about a princess that is fat. The creative response shows that it does not matter if you are fat, you just have to be yourself.

Spencer did a presentation about the poem The Bagel. The bagel is a poem made by David Ignatow. At first, the poem is talking about how quickly one person can get caught up and start to get annoyed. For instance, in The Bagel, The protagonist is annoyed at the fact that he dropped the bagel, and usually, bagels are foods that you eat while walking. Near the end of the poem, it shows us how fast one person can switch emotions and be annoyed at first then turn the annoying aspect into something fun. This poem is adding some humor to something boring. The bagel being boring and the poem gives you a feeling of chasing it, like a Charlie Chaplin movie. The creative response that spencer made was another poem. Spencer’s poem is about emotion, adding to the first poem.

Zerric did a presentation about the poem A Man I Knew. A Man I Knew is a poem made by Margaret Levine. The title A Man I Knew shows that the poem is talking about someone that the protagonist used to know, like an ex-husband or ex-Boyfriend. The word “Condo” in the poem shows that the person is rich. Also, it is talking about kids floating, but in reality, kids do not float. The line in the end is an interesting simile, as boats do not float as well, and it would be more visual to say “like a could” instead of “like a boat”. The poem seems like we only have parts of the poem, and the main important part is missing and we have to fill in the gap. Zerric’s creative response was a drawing. The drawing represents the girl (protagonist) wants to go back in time to meet the person she knew.

Mario did a presentation about the poem TurtleTurtle is a poem made by Kay Ryan. The poem explains that the only good thing about turtle is the patience they have. The line “her shell into a serving dish” shows that even when you die you can still be useful to other people. The poem explains how the turtles hope is to do something simple. Something simple as getting past a slope. The creative response that mario made was a drawing. The drawing was of an old lady. Mario did this because he wanted to show how no matter how old someone is, they try their absolute hardest and get past challenges, whereas the turtle struggles to overcome the challenge.

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10 Poems from Poetry 180

Posted by Johan Standar on 17th November 2013

Poetry 180 is site made by the US Poet Laureate Billy Collins. It consists of 180 different poems made from different Poets. Below is a list of 10 different poems that I found interesting, with some of my thoughts written below it.

Poem 007 – “Do You Have Any Advice For Those of Us Just Starting Out?” – Ron Koertge

One idea that I really like in this poem is that the poem is about to a little kid of some sort  that is wandering into a new situation. One line in this poem that I really like is “When the tower falls, be like that child” because the part “be like that child” sounds like parent doesn’t care about the child much and the child has to be responsible for himself.

Poem 022 –  ”Remora, Remora” – Thomas Lux

One idea that I really like in this poem is that the fact that he refers to living animals as a pyramid. One line in this poem that I really like is “and feeding of its crumbs” because that it gets the feelings as living things are sometimes as insignificant as bread crumbs.

Poem 026 – “Before She Died” – Karen Chase

One idea that I really like in this poem is that the poem is talking about a dog, and it also written as though the dog is the most important thing in the world. One line in this poem that I really like is “I lay down in the upper field” because this line makes the poem seem so peaceful, but the title makes the poem seem more sad.

Poem 069 – “The Space Heater” – Sharon Olds

One idea that I really like in this poem is the fact that the outlet is more like a dangerous life risking object. One line in this poem that I really like is “to pull the plug out.” because it makes me feel as though pulling a single plug out of the outlet is far more dramatic then it actually is.

Poem 080 – “Reckless Poem” – Mary Oliver

One idea that I really like in this poem is I like how the title of the poem is Reckless Poem and it attracts my attention, but the actual poem doesn’t seem like a reckless poem. One line in this poem that I really like is “Green leaves – you may not believe or not – have once or twice emerged from the tips of my fingers.” because it makes me feel a bit of like this poem is a magical poem, as leaves don’t grow on fingers.

Poem 083 – “Turtle” – Kay Ryan

One idea that I really like in this poem is the fact that it makes me think how useless and hopeless a single turtle can be. One line in this poem that I really like is “Her track is graceless,” because it makes it seem that turtles are all hopeless and useless, as well as graceless, making the turtle not very nice to be with.

Poem 095 – “From On Being Fired Again - Erin Belieu

One idea that I really like in this poem is that it makes me (as the reader) feel like I need to be more responsible or I will end up miserable like person in the poem. One line in this poem that I really like is “I’ve known the pleasures of being fired at least eleven times-” because it makes me a feeling of even the saddest things can be fun at sometimes.

Poem 106 –  ”The Grammar Lesson” – Steve Kowit

One idea that I really like in this poem is that the title says it is about a grammar lesson, and the poem is literary about a grammar lesson. One line in this poem that I really like is “A noun’s a thing. A verb’s the thing it does.” because it repeats this one line a lot, to show that these two things are extremely important.

Poem 127 – “Hate Poem” – Julie Sheehan

One idea that I really like in this poem is that the poem itself is like a rant and is complaining about something or about someone else. One line in this poem that I really like is “A closed window is both a closed window and an obvious symbol of how I hate you” because usually poems uses metaphors and the reader has to find out what the metaphor means, but in this case the writer is giving you a clue about the metaphor, which draws my attention to that specific idea.

Poem 158 – “Forgotten Planet” – Doug Dorph

One idea that I really like in this poem is that Plunis sounds like Pluto, and Pluto used to be counted as a planet but now is a minor planet, and it sounds as though Pluto is the forgotten planet. One line in this poem that I really like is “Venus  …Mars …and Plunis!” she says” because it adds kind of a humorous aspect to the poem (Plunis), but it also feels a bit sad for the planet being forgotten.

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Instructional writing

Posted by Johan Standar on 15th May 2013

We made an instructional writing piece for our PE class and we had edited later on in english class. At first when we created the instructional writing piece I thought you didn’t need a lot of pictures but after editing the piece I learned that pictures are really important because it explains the reader what the final product looks like. I also learned that headings and sub headings is really important in instructional writing because than the reader will know what he or she is reading.

Instructional writing also has to be very organized so the reader is interested in what he or she is reading. One of the teachers said that instructional writing is like writing a recipe for some food which will help me make more instructional writings in the future.

Instructional writing

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English Wordle: Values

Posted by Johan Standar on 21st April 2013

In the first week of english class we had to make a wordle about our values. After a few units about racism and such, we had to create another wordle about are values and compare them. My first woordle had peacefulness, friendly, safety, caring and family (and Johan) as my most important values. However, when I look at my second woordle, it has family, positive, friends, caring, tolerant, fair and others as its most important value. My value in the beginning of the year changed to what I think now. This is because we had a unit about racism which changed how I think. However I did forget to include some things in my second woordle, for instance safety. Our values change because our way of thinking might change. If you researched about racism and other sad things like slavery, you might feel more sad for those people and your way of thinking might change, thus altering your values. Some things that influence our values is something we have heard of or seen, most likely if the thing is a sad thing that happened, even if its not about you. This can also include maybe something you have experienced.

First woordle:

Second woordle:

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What does FREEDOM mean to me?

Posted by Johan Standar on 25th January 2013

     Freedom means that I have no restrictions and I can do anything I want to do, I can choose my job and I can choose what I want to do in life. Freedom means that I can travel to a lot of different locations without getting in trouble and I can have many rights. Freedom is where you don’t go to jail because of a stupid reason like not having a pass, that allows you to do something. Freedom also means that I can have a lot of education and I can learn more than enough.

     Freedom Mean that everything is fair and I can do the same thing as anyone else. Freedom means I can have a lot of friends form a lot of different countries. Mainly, I think freedom means that we can always do the same thing as any other people in the world. Also I think freedom means I can read and talk about any topic in the world  without fear of something bad happening. Freedom is where everything you buy, costs the same for any other person on the planet.

Link to photo

I think Yudai had talked about a similar thing about what freedom means to us. He talked about the fact that anyone can travel anywhere and not get in trouble like I write in mine.

Yudai’s Post

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My World View

Posted by Johan Standar on 12th September 2012

In english class we had to think what my world view used to be like and what I now think my world view is like

I used to think that I would be bored and not have many friends and just be a not so ordinary student. But now ever since a came into YIS I actually had quite a lot of friends that I am very grateful for, not at the beginning but when I am starting to get more into 7th grade I began to have a lot more friends. Now I have a lot of friends that help me and cheer me up.

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Holly Thompson Visit

Posted by Johan Standar on 3rd September 2012

On the 30th of August 2012, the author Holly Thomson came to visit us at our school YIS. We had two periods with her, the first period was in the morning when all of seventh grade was with her and we were just listening and finding a little bit about her. The second period was with the three different seventh grade classes, 7A, 7B, 7C, I was in 7A. When we visited her then we wrote poems and we gained knowledge about poems and writing poems. Holly Thompson told us about a lot of things about her and writing. She told us a bit of her background, we did a few activities and we read chapter 22 of Orchards together (Orchards is a novel in verse made by Holly Thomson). I gained a lot of knowledge on how to write poems in the second period and I also gained knowledge on how to write books. This knowledge might not be so useful to me yet because I am not a writer right now but sometimes this knowledge of poems and how to write them might come in handy zoo. I don’t think I did a very good job at and I don’t think I did a bad job at it too so I think I am average at writing poems. For writing poetry one thing I noticed is that you can be completely creative with poetry so it can be about anything and it will sound good usually, but you can’t just mash up a bunch of words to make it into a poem, you have to think about sometimes. The process of writing is pretty tough because you have to look through it with an agent and you have to rewrite the book for a very long time. A life of an author is tough but fun because it is fun to go into different imaginative worlds and you have to satisfy Yourself, Agents, publishers and book reviewers.

More on her website called HatBooks

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Indiana Jones Raiders Of The Lost Ark Movie Study Reflection

Posted by Johan Standar on 13th June 2012

In english class we split into four groups, each group doing something else about indiana Jones raiders of the lost ark movie study. Our group did about symbolism. The other groups did about shots and angles, lighting and special effects and music and soundtrack. Each group had to do a presentation about their topic they are focusing on. We have already finished the presentation. This is a reflection about the indiana Jones raiders of the lost ark movie study. We talked about “The quality of your speech (Volume, Pace, expression)”, “Visual presentation: what I learned” and ETC. We used voice thread to record out presentation.

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English Exam Reflection

Posted by Johan Standar on 17th May 2012

What can I target between now and grade 7?

My few main target is about the use of repetition because I made a sentence and repeated the sentence again. I will also think of better headlines because sometimes my headline is not very accurate. Two other things that are very important is the use of punctuations and capital letters because they are two important things in writing something. The last thing is about past and present tense because it is also very important.

How will I do it?

Every time I write something I will check and see if I have repeated a word or sentence. I will also check my headlines to make sure it is a good headlines. I will also check when adding punctuation and capital letters as well. Again I will check if it is past or present tense. I will also read books to help me with all of this.

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English movie making

Posted by Johan Standar on 6th May 2012

In English class we made two short films and toke screenshots from both of the short films. We made the two short films because to become and learn how to be a movie expert. Film making has worked very well because we have used different camera angles and different lengths. There is nothing really wrong I think when we made our films. I learned all the different camera angle and the different camera lengths.

This is a long shot.

This is a close shot and high angle shot

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