Español 7: hola


Me llamo Cole

Tengo 12 años

Soy de  los Estados Unidos

Me gusta minecraft

Me gusta comer bacon

Me gusta andar en patineta

Me gusta cocinar

Me gusta caminar

Me gusta beber refrescos


Personal Coat of Arms

First is for my hobbies, The minecraft things show my intrest in minecraft. I also put in some medieval weapons in the shield because I am very fascinated  by ancient weaponry (especially swords.) For the important place in the background  I put the tokyo tower and skytree because I live in tokyo and I will  spend most of my life there and that is why it is important to me. For family I put the american and japanese flags on the shield because i am half  japanese and half american. For my future goals I have the wreath made of mechanical parts to show that I want to be an engineer, also I designed the crest myself so the whole thing is my design which shows how I also want to be a graphical designer. For my strength I made a minecraft castle tower to show my strength of making minecraft architecture.

my personal coat of arms.