My Food

I spent about two days on the project, I spent a lesson doing the experiments and two evenings making the presentation.

I learnt that there are some nutrients that you wouldn’t expect in some foods that are in it. I also found out how to find out if a food had protein, fat, glucose or starch.

I am proud that I did the experiments well enough that I got the same amounts of nutrients that the bag of pretzels said that pretzels would have.

I would have checked more than one pretzel bag and also I would have checked the internet for the nutrition facts to get more accurate results.

Cooper Test

I think I tried really hard because in the end I got 18 laps in 12 minutes and to me that is impressive. I think that even though I did not get to drink enough water while running I did well and I forced myself to run when I was tired. I also got a bad cramp in the middle but I tried my best to keep going and not think about the cramp. I got about 3400m with is above average and above very good on the test results table.

Mime door

7B Drama: Mime Door from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

1. the door was locked and I jumped through the window.

2. I think that it was very realistic but when I opened the door I sort of stretched the door out in a weird way.

3. being able to show that there is a pretend object there as if it was really there.


Cardiovascular endurance

What is cardiovascular endurance:

how long you can exercise for.


Cardiovascular endurance or aerobic capacity is the ability of the heart and lungs to deliver oxygen to working muscles. It is the ability to exercise for prolonged periods of time without undue fatigue.

It is very important for sports such as cross country running, swimming, football and basketball.

What I would like you to do is read the following level descriptors and evaluate (it means judge, assess) your own fitness based on how long you can keep going in CV endurance activities.
Then copy this to your blog and give yourself a score and explain why…be honest with yourself.

Level  8/9/10 My Cardio Vascular Endurance is strong
I run very often and do not get tired.
I am very motivated to do CV fitness during the week at least 4 times.
I feel very strong in my chosen sports from a CV perspective.
I feel great after I run
I think I would score very highly on a CV endurance test.
Level 6/7 My CV endurance is good. I run regularly outside of school.
I am usually motivated to run and feel good afterwards.
When it starts to hurt, I dig in deep and find that extra stamina to keep going.
Level 4/5 My CV endurance could be better. I can run for a small distance without getting tired but then want to stop. Maybe my motivation drops or my heart hurts and I get out of breath.
I don’t really do much for my CV endurance fitness outside of school.
Level 1/2/3 My CV endurance is not very good. I get out of breath easily. My heart hurts, my head hurts and I get dizzy. My body struggles to cope with the demands placed upon me.
I feel very bad after doing CV endurance exercise.
MY OWN Level 4 because I don’t do much cardiovascular  exercise out of school and I get out of breath and I need to rest after a while.
I think that I am a 4/5 because I don’t do much cardiovascular  exercise out of school and i

What it means to be fit

To be physically active and to maintain  a good body. Having healthy body. To be in good condition. having a balanced mind



the abilities to meet the demands of the environment.


Components of fitness

cardiovascular endurance

  • running/jogging
  • swimming

muscular strength

  • lifting weights
  • circuit training
  • A football
  • rugby

muscular endurance

  • swimming


  • ballet

body composition

  • body fat/muscle

what does it mean to be healthy?

In P.E. we had to get into groups and discuss what it means to be healthy, here are some things we came up with:-

Being healthy is staying active, eating the right food and having a good variety of foods.  Being healthy is also staying active and exercising the right amount each day. You have to keep a balanced life, make sure you don’t do one thing more than others like eating more than exercising, you need to also spend time with family and friends so you don’t get depressed or stressed out, you also need to sleep well.

Definition of health:

A state of mental, phyisical and social well being

Physical well being:

you heart lungs and other body systems work


you can cope with stress

you can control your emotions


having food clothing and shelter(basic human needs)

having friendship and support

feeling values(school, job, team, family)