What is bullying?

Bullying is making someone feel bad about themselves, and to make them look week. Bullying can include violence and teasing. Bullying is a way kids try to make themselves seem stronger, better or more popular.


What forms of bullying are there?

cyber bullying

Bullying online

racial bullying

Bullying people of different race

sexual bullying

Bullying people of the other gender

physical bullying

Bullying using violence and physical contact

verbal bullying

using hurtful words or teasing


what strategies do you have to cope with bullying?

  • Ignore mean comments and names
  • report the bully
  • try to get video or audio of the person bullying you.


Humanities Minecraft Project

I think that the project went well. We all help build some parts, even though some of us built more than others. We tried our best to make the minecraft version look as it would in real life. We all cooperated, wich helped a lot to finish this. I think it would have been nice to make it up higher so we could make the hight from the ground to the battle floor larger so we could make the water come ou of the floor and also the trap doors.


I think using Minecraft for school was a very good idea. One reason i liked doing this is because I like minecraft. But it also helped us understand the buildings better because we actually built them our selfs, instead of reading and looking at pictures. Using minecraft also helped me research, I know that one block in minecraft is 1 meter high and wide so I would need to find the size of the building I am making if I wanted it to be acurate.