Art line drawing reflection

In 7th grade art class we have been making line drawings. at first we had to come up with ideas for what we could draw, then we found photos and combined them to make something to base our drawings off of. I used a desert scene with a sign and a small house. The significant concept of our unit is “Line can be used to convey shape, texture and tone.”

I made many thumbnails of what my drawing will look like. I also made a larger test version in my sketch book with marker. I tried using different drawing techniques for different parts of the drawing. I used stippling for the ground, hatching for the sky, stippling fo rust and cross-hatching for the house’s dark areas. I think that the most used technique was hatching, I think i could have used more stippling.

In My final drawing I decided change the sign, I also added rust to the sign and I think that the rust looks good. I think I could have thought more about lighting and darkened more areas, some of the mid and foreground areas where it is supposed to be dark is the same tone as the light places. I think I could have done better with the sky, I should have sketched it in pencil then went on to marker, but i didn’t and now it’s just a bunch of hatching.

I think i could have done better with the rocks in the background, some of the shading on the lines are just lines that don’t look good. I also think that the house could have been done better, I could have added more darkness to the front. I could have managed my time better, I did most of the drawing pretty fast and I was almost done, but then I just left it and didn’t really work on it much in the end.Overall I think I did not work 100% on this and I could have done better and focused harder.