Asteroid Mining Assessment

For this poster I did not cite my sources which I should have. I did not put time into making the poster and I rushed it because I was going to print out what I wrote on the computer, but my printer broke and I left the poster to the last minute, so I should have tried making the poster before the due date. I tried to find out if there were more companies that were trying to mine asteroids, but I did not try hard enough and I only found two companies. My analysis could be much better.

P.E. fitness unit 2 goals

I need to improve on my muscular strength, especially the muscles in the upper body. The reason I want to improve on muscular strength is because I can’t do push up and that means my arms are not strong so I want to improve on my muscular strength. To do this I could use weights and do different exercises that will strengthen my upper body muscles. I can also work on my abdominal muscles by doing crunches, sit-ups and hanging leg raises.