Minecraft Technology Reflection

My structure matches our theme of Skyland. My roller coaster tour works and can be used by anyone. The roller coaster stops at each island and labels that island and between islands it goes fast so it is entertaining. My roller coaster does match my plan except there is no gift shop at the end of it. I think that it’s design is ok but there could be changes to make it more interesting. The actual roller coaster is the appropriate size but not all in one place. It’s purpose is to give a tour of Skyland. It does not attract attention right away because the entrance is so small. The roller coaster is placed in a convenient place for my group because it connects the islands together. It does not distract other structures on the 7B park.

I could improve on this by building larger islands that are not too far apart but not too close and I could make the gift shop for the roller coaster. For the roller coaster tour I could add stops in between the stations to show what each structure is. I could also make it tour the rest of the park.

I think that we designed our structures well but we all used the same idea for the three designs, we should have used three different designs to see which is better and if we can change the design. We should have checked how tall we will need to make our structures and how high up it would be. We should have also checked with the other groups to see how tall there structures will be so we don’t go higher than the building height, but we did.

Significant Concept: How we solve problems depends on the conditions of the environment and group dynamics.

All members of the group need to cooperate to solve a problem, or in our case make a theme park.

Unit Question: What does cooperation and collaboration look like?

All the members of a group not only work on their structure but help with the others’ structures.

japanese music

we listened to traditional japanese music that involved the Koto, Shamisen and the Shakuhachi. The Koto is a Japanese string instrument with 13 strings. The instrument is not held, but instead laid on the ground. To play the Koto, the person kneels beside it and play it with fake fingernails on their thumb, index and middle finger. The Shamisen is a is very much like a guitar, but with only 3 strings, and is played like a guitar but with a wide pick. The Shakuhachi is a flute-like instrument with eight holes and is played similarly to a flute except vertical.

I liked the shakuhachi because it is very easy to play and it has a nice sound. The shakuhachi can be played in different ways to make a different sound.

It sounds japanese because off the scales used to play it. also the sound of the instrument just sounds japanese.

the type of scales are called pentatonic scales.

I liked the sound of the music, at some parts it was soft but others it was quite loud. the harmony of the instruments was very nice sounding and I liked that.