Art – Criteria A

In art class we looked at and created absract art. We also learnt more about the elements of art and what they are used for. The task was to create an abstract art piece to represent ourselves. In this blog post I will talk about how I used the seven elements of art in my absract art piece.


Most of the lines I used were thick, black, geometrical lines. This is because I wanted to give my artwork a clean, smoothe look and I thought that these sort of line would show that best.


I used circles squares and triangles in my artwork. Similar to with line, I wanted it to look clean and smoothe. I also wanted the artwork to look clear, so people can identify the shapes in it.


My artwork was all two-dimensional, but I did try connecting all the shapes in a way that would make the piece look like a whole.


I used most of the paper and I left some white squares in the middle of the artwork. I tried equally spreading out the colors across the paper and it seems quite equal. If I had a bit more time on making the artwork I would have painted over all the blank spaced with white paint to cover the pencil markings.


Most of the color I used were dark, but not too dark. I wanted to make it between dark and light, but the color mixing went a bit wrong and it ended up being darker than I expected.


The colors I used were blue, purple and green. I started off with just blue and purple but I wanted to add green because it is the opposite of purple, but it didn’t turn out so well. I think I should have made a small test with color pencil before just painting it on.


I tried making the painting smoothe so it would fit in with the geometrical look of it, but I accidentally got some green paint splattered on it so I just used it and splattered some more, this made it more bumpy than I planned.

Overall I think my absract artwork turned out well, but not the way I expected it. If it had turned out the way I planned it would look much different but I think it looks good the way it is. I am happy with my absract artwork and I think it repesents my personality well.

PE, Hand Ball – Third Wave Technique

In PE we played hand ball. One technique we learned was the third wave. If your team’s first and second waves don’t suceed in scoring any goals, thats where the third wave comes in. Players pass the ball and keep changing positions until a space is made and the player with the ball shoots. I hope you enjoy the video and it help you understand better.


Field Studies

Day one.

We ate lunch and left all our luggage at canyons then did some team building activities in groups made by the teachers. When we got back inside we found our rooms and ate dinner.

Day two.

We ate breakfast then went rafting and after canyoning, but canyoning was two team building groups together and the rafting wasn’t.

Day Three.

Our group went mountain biking first, then paragliding. The dinner was barbeque/Yakiniku.

Day Four.

Our group went geocaching then canoeing, wich was actually two person kyaking.

Day Five

We all packed up our stuff and got our luggage downstairs, we ate breakfast then my class (8B) was split between the two busses.