Visual Notes

Advantages of visual notes: it is easy to find what you need to know on the paper, It explains the topic and the more information you put in it makes it look nicer.

Disadvantages of visual notes: it is hard to draw about the topic sometimes, summarising the topic in drawings can be difficult, I personally had a hard time concentrating on how to show the information.

How what you read answers the unit question: It shows information about the industrial and ecenomical progress of countries. It also shows how th indicators of progress connect and how they effect the world.

I think that the visual notes help me understand the significant concept better and how it contributes to what we are doing in class.

What have we learned? #2

The reaserching and recording was easy but not too easy, I still needed to think of good key words and phrases to find what I needed. I think that the difficult part was finding good places to get my information, so I decided to make a survey and get my own results as well as the results from the internet. I think in future projects like this I will continue with the surveying (if necessary) and using the inter, to get a wider range of results.

What have we learned? #1

Whilst making this presentation and my script for it, I found many things about religion I did not know before. Most of what I found is in the presentation but I noticed that many people have very similar reasons as to whyb they follow a religion. I would have thought there would be more reasons but I could not find much more than what I have included in my presentation.

I have learned how to use key terms for my reaserch, and how to research an “un googleable” question. I thought it would be harder but it was not, I thought of a few different ways to gather information such as my form I sent out the the whole 8th grade.

Poetry or Prose

Prose is literal lanuage, it is exactly what you say. Poetry is the opposite prose, unusual, extraordinary, figurative language.

Poetry is an artistic way of expressing emotion.

Poetry is emotion, Poetry is like a chirping bird, We are poetry.

The difference between these two is that poetic is not direct, it uses figurative language but prose is direct and it is exactly what you say.

Poetry is an artistic way of expressing emotion, like the chirping of a bird

We should be poetic when talking informaly with friends and when we feel it would add happiness to our converstion. We should ve prosaic when eing formal, during an oral assesmant, unless it is about poetry.

Rock song composition

To create a rock song you start off with a drum beat, then add the piano with the 1, 4 and 5 chords. next add either a bass line or a guitar, it doesn’t really matter which oder you do these in. Next you can add anything you want really, as long as it stays the same genre, don’t go too far. And the final step is adding vocals, this is not required but it makes the song more interesting to listen to.

This is my rock song attempt that I made for music class. I think that I did ok with making the actual music in the song but the structure seems is not really the ABA format. I did make three parts to the song with the middle one different but if I listen closely it sound the same as the other two parts just with less sounds and a different style of playing.