Technology Criteria E – Reflect and Evaluate

1. Compare your presentation to the design specifications of the task prior to the due date, make and document possible improvements. Explain what feedback you received, who said it and how you made changes based on that feedback.

My final presentation was not completely how I planned it to be, but I think it was                  pretty good. I think improvements could have been making something like an                      RSAnimate or somthing that I made. The main thing I got as feed back was I was                  talking in monotone and I was moving my arms around too much.

2.Reflect on your success in accomplishing your essential and desirable specifications.

I suceeded in making my presentation the right length which was a problem when               planning, I had to cut out some main points which was hard to do but in the end it               was a good length presentation. I memorized my script but I never reallyhad a set               script to begin with.

3. State areas for improvement in each area of the design cycle with excellent detail and supporting examples.

investigate: I did not really research my topic so to improve I could research past what I already know.

design: I didn’t spend much time designing my presentation, I could have spent more time designing to make a more interesting presentation.

plan: I made a small storyboard but I rushed it and I could have made it more clear.

create:I just used my practice presentation from designing, I could have tried making an interesting presentation by spending more time making it.

evaluate: I kind of rushed this reflection because I was confused where to put it and I accidently wrote it in the document and I didn’t follow the questions.

Overall I think I could have done much better if I had spend more time and put more effort into the making of the presentation.


Abstract diptych reflection: criteria C

This is my absract diptych called eyes. I made one black and white and the other colored. I mostly painted the black and white one during class and the colored one I painted after school.

When researching in class we looked at the work of Franz Kline, I was originally going to make a painting based on his techniques but I decided to do something of my own. I made two practice paintings in my book, I chose to use the second one as one of my final paintings. I used thick brushes and sponges to make the first painting. For the second painting I had to use color. I drew a circle on cardboard then cut out the circle to paint over the edges. This was for making clean inner edges for my two colored rings, and rough outer edges. I think that if i had spent more time on the colored one it would look better. I had time during class and after school to work on the black and white one so it ended up smoother and cleaner. They both have contrast, for the colored one the green and orange contrast each other, and in the black and white one the black and white contrast each other. The colored one is asymetrical and the black and white one is radial symmetrical. There is clear movement in both parts, it is similar to how a hurricane moves. The point of emphesis in the black and white one is the white circle in the middle, and in the colored one it is the two rings. They both have balance, the actions are almost mirrored. there could be more pattern in the colored one but in the black and white there is a pattern in the brush strokes, they are all the same kind of strokes. The paintings are unified.

Overall I think I did well in creating and planning these paintings, I could have put more time and effort into them to make them even better, I ended up rushing them. Both paintings use most of the principals of art effectively and they look as if they were made by the same artist, which is what I was trying to achieve and what it actually is. If I were to redo these paintings I would spend more time planning and I would take my time making them.