How does living in a globalized world affect you and others?

Living in a globalized world helps people connect better, wether through language or culture. In Globalized community people are more open minded and accepting of other peoples’ choices and ideas. I think living in a globalized world has help people think less about what’s different and focus on what we all need as a race. Humanity is slowly getting less violent with each other and is starting to find new ways of living. This is all because we decided not to focus on where we’re from on Earth, but more that we are all from Earth and that we are all not so different. Overall, living in a globalized world has help people think more about the similarities we share as humans.


James Bond: Skyfall Trailer


This is the soundtrack Jack & I made for the James Bond Skyfall trailer.

In music class we re-made the skyfall trailer soundtrack in garageband. We were supposed to use all three leitmotif parts in the soundtrack. Using sound effects was an option as well.


Jack and I worked together, we used all parts of the leitmotif but the tone and mood of the trailer soundtrack didn’t really match the visuals when it was supposed to be more intense, we kept it at the around the same level.

Overall I think we could have made larger changes in the soundtrack according to the video, but the soundtrack is pretty good.