Assessment A – Godzilla

clip here


At 0:49 Godzilla comes out of the ocean and the music is very low and slow creating a scary mood and it emphasises Godzilla’s scary appearance. It uses piano and bass strings with some low drums, this makes it mysterious and adds suspense.


At 1:43 Godzilla runs into a power line and the humans are shooting at him with cannons and guns. The music in this scene is louder than in the previous clip and it adds to the scariness and makes the scene more intense.


At 2:45 Godzilla starts attacking Tokyo and the music becomes low again, this works well with how Godzilla is destroying things.


At 3:46 The music becomes higher and raises tension and shows that something bad will happen.


clip 2 here


At 2:15 Godzilla is seen at the side of a hill, the music is slow and deep, this add mystery and an element of scariness to the scene.


At 2:06 the paleontologist is leaving to investigate godzilla’s footprints, the music is happy and make it seem like he will come back and find what everything means.


clip At this point in the movie two men are going into the water to kill Godzilla, the music is soft and calm, it makes the mood quite calming but you can expect something bad to happen because of what Godzilla is and how there are only two people.


clip Here one of the men cut off connection to the people in the boat above, the music is sad and shows that the people in the boat think he is dead.


clip In this clip godzilla is dying and the music is sad but deep because of how big Godzilla is it should sound like what it is, Godzilla dying.

clip In this clip the air force are attacking Godzilla, the music is quick and is what you would expect an air force attack to sound like. It creates a sense of confidence in winning against Godzilla.

Soundtracks Reflection

Define the Difference of Leitmotif and Theme


A leitmotif is a short piece of music that introduces a character, a theme is a longer piece of music that introduces the company or film.


Elements of music and how they change moods in music


love, tension, adventure, horror, sad, happy


the sounds can make people happy by being high, sad by being low and slow, adventurous when loud and fast etc.



The change in volume, pitch etc.



the speed of the music



what you use to make the music



how high or low the note is



the use of eighth, quarter, half notes etc.



the time signature


The difference between a leitmotif and theme is that a leitmotif is a short piece of music that introduces a character while a theme introduces the company/movie. The different elements of music can make people happy by being high, sad by being low and slow, adventurous when loud and fast, the pitch and tempo really affect this.

Dynamics is the change in volume and pitch, this affects how the music sounds and the mood. The tempo is how fast or slow the music goes, this can also affect the mood. The different instruments can also affect the mood and genre of the music, for western there is usually guitar, drum, brass, strings, sci fi uses drums, piano, synthesizers and sometimes strings and brass. The range varies between genres, sci fi usually has a small range with the notes closer, horror can go from really low to really high. Rhythm is also different between genres, sci fi usually has slow and long notes, western usually has fast and short notes. The meter

Font Character reflection

cole 2final image ^

My font is american typewriter, the character I have made is quite old but still seems like a physically strong person. To create a character that portrayed my font I look at what the font was based off of, typewriters. From the research I did I imagined  someone who make the parts of a typewriter, and also other metal things, like a blacksmith.

The strength of my character design I think is how well the colors look together, it isn’t a very normal color scheme you would find in the character’s era but it still looks good. The weekness of the design is the placing of his feet, they don’t seem to match up and with the background he looks like he is standing weird.

In the future I could check more carefully so I won’t need to scan more than once, this was a problem while making the final colored piece because there were parts that were not connected. Another thing I could change is to make the drawing on paper larger so the detail would be better.

I think stereotypes didn’t really help that much but it did help with the clothing, I decided to make my character look quite odinary for his era so I guess that counts as using stereotypes.


These are the three color schemes I had thought ofAmerican Typewriter color 1 American Typewiter color 2 American Typewriter color 3I thought that the second one had a bit of a modern color scheme because I based the coat off of photos I have seen in real life and online. The third one was a bit too unrealistic for me and the colors were a bit bright for what my character would wear. I chose the first one because it is what I would imagine someone who works with metal to wear, I also enlarged a wrech just to show how strong my character should be.