What is a historian?

A historian is someone who researches parts of history. Some historians specialize in certain parts of history and certain parts of the world. Historians often use the small facts and the artifacts found to interpret more about a person or civilization.

For my generations project I had to get information about the life of my mother and grandfather when they were my age. Some of my questions that I made were “Googleable” meaning you can look up the answer, for example on Google. Other questions were personal, to answer these I got primary sources, my actual mother and gradfather.

This is an example of how a historian works, using primary and secondary sources. A primary source is when someone experienced the event first hand, a secondary source is documented information taken from someone/somewhere else.

One of the challenges I faced was finding time to call my grandfather to ask him the questions, in the end I got it done quite quickly but it was hard finding a good time to call.

Technology now is becoming more common, this means that people can document and share information with others more. This can change how history is remembered because instead of looking through books and old reseach journals they can just look it up online. All it takes to record history using technology is typing up the findings.

This video below is my Generations Project (it has no sound)


2 thoughts on “What is a historian?

  1. I thought your blog post was thoughtful and I thought it was good how you talked about what a historian does and how you talked about primary and secondary documents. I thought it was also good how you talked about googleable questions and un-googleable questions. When you talked about this I think people got a better understanding of these two types of questions.

  2. Video:
    I the way you compared the different generations in your video was very good. You used appropriate pictures and you didn’t add too much text. However, I think you spent a little too much time on editing and not on actually going in depth, because you only had a few words in each section and no voiceover or music, which is what made it kind of boring. I also think that the letters appeared and dissapeared too slow, so I think you could have cut a lot of time with not doing that and spent more time in your video explaining. Overall though, I think it was a pretty good video and you showed your data well.

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