Infomercial Reflection

I think that because I only had one line I didn’t feel I needed to practice as much, meaning I was lazy about it. I think that I could have had at least one other line, as well as practiced more. At first we planned for me to have an accent but in the end we cut it because it was too silly, I think a light accent would have been ok instead of not having one at all. I don’t think I was as enthusiatsic as I could have been and that might have affected the final infomercial. I think that I was quite lazy with this project and that I should have done more to make it better.

Speech reflection

I think that my speech could have been a bit longer and more in detail. What I could have done was focus more on the more important parts of the topic that the smaller ones. I spoke quite quickly and I messed up because I was nervous, which I should try to control. I think that I could have improved my speech and the presentation of the speech and that I should try harder next try.

Copyright Law Reflection

I understand why artists don’t want people to use their music without permission or payment, but I think that people should be allowed to as long as they give credit to the original artist. This is because I think that it is a way that the original artist can become more know because it is basically free advertisement for them. People who like what they hear will look at other songs by the original artist, meaning they will get more money from more people buying their music, this will all be because of the borrowing of their music.

For an example, when I hear a remix by an artist that I like, I look up the original song and artist. This means that because that artist borrowed music more people like me will look up the original song, making the original artist more popular among other people.

The current law is that you can borrow about 30 seconds from a song. I think this is way too short because there would be no point in borrowing music at all. People should be able to borrow as much as they want but if they give credit to the artist because it is, like i said before, “free advertisement”.

I think that people should be allowed to borrow as much music as they want, as long as they give proper credit to the original artist.