Cole Tutor Reflection

What have you done well?

This year I think I have become more organized and try to turn homework on time more than last year. I also think that most of my best skills have improved.

What challenged have you faced?

I found it hard to focus when I was trying to work on a certain project because f many distractions, I did overcome it but I had to focus on what was important to do so.

what goals have you established?

One goal I have made this year is to improve on things that I feel are things I am good at. Another goal is to have assignments fully complete vefore I turn them in.

Have you thought about what you can do to improve?

If I were to manage my time better I could improve on the quality of my work and turn it in complete.

How can I as your teacher help you?

This is mostly a personal goal but ways other could help is probably just to give support.