Educational Game for Design

I chose to make my game based around spelling and typing. This is because children now are becoming more used to using computer, since most computers have auto-correcting functions I thought about making a game for them to spell. My game also requires the ability to use a keyboard, this is to help them with their typing. I think this is important to teach children in 1st grade because they will need this knowledge for their future because computers are so common.

The game should cover a subject that would be taught in school, it could be something of higher level but in such a way that the player would understand. The game must also keep the player interested. Ways of doing this would be to include things like characters that the player would find interesting, recognizable characters (with permission), colors, shapes, music, sound effects etc. Overall the game must be interesting, educational and easy as well as challenging. We must also keep in mind that our audience is 1st grade children and not our peers, this is a mistake made by some of the 9th graders from last year, we must keep it relevant to the audiences needs and wants.


My game ^, Pizza Quest

I think that my game is not a success because it would be too hard for kids and it would take them a while to type all the words. This may or may not be true because I did not get any data from kids and overall my peers said my game was good, most giving 7-9 out of 10. I can not base my thoughts on my peers though, the only real way I can get results is by having kids play my game. So in the end, after observing the kids play the other games, I can say that I think my game is not successful as an educational game for 1st-2nd graders.

I can improve my game by using words that are shorter so the children can type them faster, and so that they will recognise them easier. A large thing that I could do to improve is maybe to change the actual topic it teaches. It seemed a lot of the math oriented games we’re very successful in getting kids to play, I could do this or I could do another topic that also required less typing but the same amount of thinking involved. In my design specs I said that the game must have difficulty settings, this was difficult to do and I ended up leaving it as just one setting. I think another improvement could be to change the design of the playable character, when I sent out a survey to some of my peers, a few said that the character was kind of boring.

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