Classical Conditioning to Sell Products

I looked at 2 commercials for this task in I+S, the Razer Blade “commercial” and the Old Spice body wash commercial (its actually a compilation)

Razer Blade                I think that the Razer Blade commercial succeeds in making me interested in the product. One thing that I found was they used repetition and emphesis on the main point that it is the “World’s Thinnest Gaming Laptop” and this is to impress the audience and make them feel as if they are special if they have the “World’s Thinnest Gaming Laptop”. Other points they bring up in the video are that it is powerful and portable, this is to appeal to their target audience of “Gamers” who they hope will buy the laptop because it is exactly what they would want.

Old Spice
              In this commercial they emphesize the fact that the body wash can block body odor for up to 16 hours. This product is aimed towards men, specifically men who have trouble with body odor. The commercial has a quite muscular man starring in it which will make the veiwer think that if they use the body wash they will not only smell good for 16 hours, but also seem like the man in the video. There is a large presence of the word “Power” as well as explosions which also will appeal to most men as it is entertaining.


We use stairs all the time and they are helpful to us in our lives, but if people are going up or down the wrong side it can lead to problems. At school students and teachers need to get places on time, stairs help with that so if there are people going up or down the wrong side it can make you late. People can also be bumped which is unpleasant, and even trip which may cause an injury. I will be making a PSA (public service announcement) to help people understand the importance of staying on the left side of the stairs. To make this PSA I will need accurate information, I will send a survey to all the middle school and high school students with these questions;

  • Do you find it hard going up or down the stairs at school with people going up/down the wrong side of the stairs?
  • Do you try to stay on the left side when you go up and down the stairs, or do you just not care?
  • What are some problems (if any) you face when going up/down the stairs?

Along with this I will look for the view on this problem from other people from sources on the internet. The action I want the audience to take is to remember to stay on the left.