YIS Grade 10 – Media Fair

What is the Media Fair?

On June 8th 2016 the grade 10 class of 2018 at Yokohama International School displayed their posters about media. What We (the students) were to do was choose a topic that has some controversy around it a show examples of different text types and their attitudes towards the topic.


Mr. Kew’s Class

IMG_0331 copyThe first of the posters I looked at was made by Alex Jones and was about eSports. The text types he had included were a web article, blog post, op ed, video, and a logo. The main controversy was the argument of whether eSports can be considered a real sport or not. The range of text types helps to show that this topic is almost everywhere now but we can see from the content of the texts that it shouldn’t be so much of a problem. I think that the use of a logo is especially interesting as the Major League Gaming (MLG) logo is a clear parody of the Major League Baseball (MLB) logo and that idea can cause mixed responses. On a side note I really liked Alex’s MLG Kew-chans all                                                                                                             around the poster, a really nice aesthetic touch.IMG_0334

The other poster I looked at from the same class was by Jared Sorensen and was on BMX. Mainly focusing on whether BMX should be in the Olympics or not. Jared’s text types were a web article, video, photo, and a magazine article. I think the idea around the controversy is complicated and it makes sense why there are certain opinions on the sport. I think that the biggest drawback of Jared’s poster was simple organization because it is very text heavy.



Ms. Barbour’s Class

From the other class I looked at Yudai Kato’s poster on the Tokyo IMG_03352020 Olympics. Yudai used opinion columns, a poster, social media posts, and a blog post about the event. The main controversy lies on the cost and the supposed need of the olympic games as well as other problems surrounding the future event. Yudai used many Japanese sources but had translations which I think doesn’t show much range but the opinions are very conflicting and I find that interesting.


(You might want to turn down the volume)