Font Character reflection

cole 2final image ^

My font is american typewriter, the character I have made is quite old but still seems like a physically strong person. To create a character that portrayed my font I look at what the font was based off of, typewriters. From the research I did I imagined  someone who make the parts of a typewriter, and also other metal things, like a blacksmith.

The strength of my character design I think is how well the colors look together, it isn’t a very normal color scheme you would find in the character’s era but it still looks good. The weekness of the design is the placing of his feet, they don’t seem to match up and with the background he looks like he is standing weird.

In the future I could check more carefully so I won’t need to scan more than once, this was a problem while making the final colored piece because there were parts that were not connected. Another thing I could change is to make the drawing on paper larger so the detail would be better.

I think stereotypes didn’t really help that much but it did help with the clothing, I decided to make my character look quite odinary for his era so I guess that counts as using stereotypes.


These are the three color schemes I had thought ofAmerican Typewriter color 1 American Typewiter color 2 American Typewriter color 3I thought that the second one had a bit of a modern color scheme because I based the coat off of photos I have seen in real life and online. The third one was a bit too unrealistic for me and the colors were a bit bright for what my character would wear. I chose the first one because it is what I would imagine someone who works with metal to wear, I also enlarged a wrech just to show how strong my character should be.

Abstract diptych reflection: criteria C

This is my absract diptych called eyes. I made one black and white and the other colored. I mostly painted the black and white one during class and the colored one I painted after school.

When researching in class we looked at the work of Franz Kline, I was originally going to make a painting based on his techniques but I decided to do something of my own. I made two practice paintings in my book, I chose to use the second one as one of my final paintings. I used thick brushes and sponges to make the first painting. For the second painting I had to use color. I drew a circle on cardboard then cut out the circle to paint over the edges. This was for making clean inner edges for my two colored rings, and rough outer edges. I think that if i had spent more time on the colored one it would look better. I had time during class and after school to work on the black and white one so it ended up smoother and cleaner. They both have contrast, for the colored one the green and orange contrast each other, and in the black and white one the black and white contrast each other. The colored one is asymetrical and the black and white one is radial symmetrical. There is clear movement in both parts, it is similar to how a hurricane moves. The point of emphesis in the black and white one is the white circle in the middle, and in the colored one it is the two rings. They both have balance, the actions are almost mirrored. there could be more pattern in the colored one but in the black and white there is a pattern in the brush strokes, they are all the same kind of strokes. The paintings are unified.

Overall I think I did well in creating and planning these paintings, I could have put more time and effort into them to make them even better, I ended up rushing them. Both paintings use most of the principals of art effectively and they look as if they were made by the same artist, which is what I was trying to achieve and what it actually is. If I were to redo these paintings I would spend more time planning and I would take my time making them.

Art – Criteria A

In art class we looked at and created absract art. We also learnt more about the elements of art and what they are used for. The task was to create an abstract art piece to represent ourselves. In this blog post I will talk about how I used the seven elements of art in my absract art piece.


Most of the lines I used were thick, black, geometrical lines. This is because I wanted to give my artwork a clean, smoothe look and I thought that these sort of line would show that best.


I used circles squares and triangles in my artwork. Similar to with line, I wanted it to look clean and smoothe. I also wanted the artwork to look clear, so people can identify the shapes in it.


My artwork was all two-dimensional, but I did try connecting all the shapes in a way that would make the piece look like a whole.


I used most of the paper and I left some white squares in the middle of the artwork. I tried equally spreading out the colors across the paper and it seems quite equal. If I had a bit more time on making the artwork I would have painted over all the blank spaced with white paint to cover the pencil markings.


Most of the color I used were dark, but not too dark. I wanted to make it between dark and light, but the color mixing went a bit wrong and it ended up being darker than I expected.


The colors I used were blue, purple and green. I started off with just blue and purple but I wanted to add green because it is the opposite of purple, but it didn’t turn out so well. I think I should have made a small test with color pencil before just painting it on.


I tried making the painting smoothe so it would fit in with the geometrical look of it, but I accidentally got some green paint splattered on it so I just used it and splattered some more, this made it more bumpy than I planned.

Overall I think my absract artwork turned out well, but not the way I expected it. If it had turned out the way I planned it would look much different but I think it looks good the way it is. I am happy with my absract artwork and I think it repesents my personality well.

Art line drawing reflection

In 7th grade art class we have been making line drawings. at first we had to come up with ideas for what we could draw, then we found photos and combined them to make something to base our drawings off of. I used a desert scene with a sign and a small house. The significant concept of our unit is “Line can be used to convey shape, texture and tone.”

I made many thumbnails of what my drawing will look like. I also made a larger test version in my sketch book with marker. I tried using different drawing techniques for different parts of the drawing. I used stippling for the ground, hatching for the sky, stippling fo rust and cross-hatching for the house’s dark areas. I think that the most used technique was hatching, I think i could have used more stippling.

In My final drawing I decided change the sign, I also added rust to the sign and I think that the rust looks good. I think I could have thought more about lighting and darkened more areas, some of the mid and foreground areas where it is supposed to be dark is the same tone as the light places. I think I could have done better with the sky, I should have sketched it in pencil then went on to marker, but i didn’t and now it’s just a bunch of hatching.

I think i could have done better with the rocks in the background, some of the shading on the lines are just lines that don’t look good. I also think that the house could have been done better, I could have added more darkness to the front. I could have managed my time better, I did most of the drawing pretty fast and I was almost done, but then I just left it and didn’t really work on it much in the end.Overall I think I did not work 100% on this and I could have done better and focused harder.