PE, Hand Ball – Third Wave Technique

In PE we played hand ball. One technique we learned was the third wave. If your team’s first and second waves don’t suceed in scoring any goals, thats where the third wave comes in. Players pass the ball and keep changing positions until a space is made and the player with the ball shoots. I hope you enjoy the video and it help you understand better.


P.E. fitness unit 2 goals

I need to improve on my muscular strength, especially the muscles in the upper body. The reason I want to improve on muscular strength is because I can’t do push up and that means my arms are not strong so I want to improve on my muscular strength. To do this I could use weights and do different exercises that will strengthen my upper body muscles. I can also work on my abdominal muscles by doing crunches, sit-ups and hanging leg raises.

Cooper Test

I think I tried really hard because in the end I got 18 laps in 12 minutes and to me that is impressive. I think that even though I did not get to drink enough water while running I did well and I forced myself to run when I was tired. I also got a bad cramp in the middle but I tried my best to keep going and not think about the cramp. I got about 3400m with is above average and above very good on the test results table.