Presentation Reflection

I think that my speaking has gotten better and my flow has improved in comparison to previous tasks. I think that the structure of our presentation was organized well and help the audience understand our points. For collaboration I think we distributed the work well. I think that we did quite well for this task.

バムとケロのさむいあさ スミン



Characteristics of Japanese Presentation Reflection


ぼくのトピックは表現でした。しかし、ほかのクラスメートは色々なべつのトッピクがありました。たとえば、スミンのトッピクはジェスチャーやマナーでした。スミンは ジェスチャーをえらんだ理由はジェスチャーでメセージをかんたんにつたえています。スミンの理由はぼくとちがいます。なぜならスミンのトッピクはべつのトッピクです。そして、スミンとぼくはべつのかんがえをもっているだか理由は同じじゃない。



Zeffirelli vs. Lurhmann: Romeo and Juliet

One of Shakespeare’s most well known plays, “Romeo and Juliet”, has been adapted to the screen many times since the year 1908. But the focus now is on two of the more successful, or well known, adaptations, Franco Zeffirelli’s “Romeo and Juliet” (1968), and Mark Anthony “baz” Lurhmann’s “Romeo + Juliet” (1996). Some people prefer one over the other, and they have some significant differences, but the question is which one is better? Some may argue that Lurhmann’s film, being set in a modern day (or dystopian futuristic) version of verona, is not a very good adaptation as it is not so faithful.

In 1968 Franco Zeffirelli released the movie “Romeo and Juliet”. This movie followed the play very accurately and many people watch it when studying the story. The characters all seemed to match the ones in the play and the setting matched as well, being 1300’s Verona, Italy. The plot followed almost exactly accoriding to the original, only leaving out a few parts but still leaving the movie seeming complete. Overall the movie followed the original story very well and is of course the more faithful adaptation of the two movies.

Many other Romeo anf Juliet film adaptations were created after Zeffirelli’s one, but in 1996 Mark Anthony “baz” Lurhmann released a more modern version of the story as “Romeo + Juliet” which had a slight twist at the end, and may be a better movie. This modernized version did not have swords but instead had guns, despite guns seeming more powerful than swords, there was not as mutch tensions during fights because swords are close quarters and there is lots of parrying and dodging, which are things you can’t to with guns. The characters in this version were similar to those of the original play and the only main differences are the setting and the end. The thing that makes this movie a slightly better one than Zeffirelli’s one is that the end, and the events leading up to it, seem more serious. There are many small things that Lurhmann put into this movie, that when noticed, make a lot of sense and make the story a bit more interesting to think about. Something that he changed that improved the story a lot was at the end, when Romeo drinks the poison Juliet wakes up and they see each other, she then shoots herself and they both end up dead, just like the original. What this did was it “broke” the dramatic irony of the story when Romeo saw that Juliet was alive, since the audience knew she was alive the whole time this gives them hope that the story might actually end well, but this is not what happens. The effect of this is that it seems almost like a new story because the audience would have expected the same ending as all the versions of Romeo and Juliet, but this plot twist made it more exiting and unexpected, which is why it may be considered a better movie than Zeffirelli’s.

The question is not which movie is more faithful to the original story, but which is a better movie. Zeffirelli’s movie is no doubt the more faithful of the pair, but the way that Lurhmann made his version made it better as a movie. It did have strange scenes that were not very well done, but near the end it is more exiting, and the very end is shocking to anyone who has not seen the movie. Lurhmann’s version of the story is more creative, and despite being a bit weird, is a better movie than Zeffirelli’s

Cole Tutor Reflection

What have you done well?

This year I think I have become more organized and try to turn homework on time more than last year. I also think that most of my best skills have improved.

What challenged have you faced?

I found it hard to focus when I was trying to work on a certain project because f many distractions, I did overcome it but I had to focus on what was important to do so.

what goals have you established?

One goal I have made this year is to improve on things that I feel are things I am good at. Another goal is to have assignments fully complete vefore I turn them in.

Have you thought about what you can do to improve?

If I were to manage my time better I could improve on the quality of my work and turn it in complete.

How can I as your teacher help you?

This is mostly a personal goal but ways other could help is probably just to give support.


My defenition of aid is the act of giving help. This does not only mean from one country to another, which is mainly the case, but also from one individual to another.

Three types of aid are developmental, humanitarian and charitable aid. Developmental aid has helped over many years to improve the lifesltyles of those living in poorer countries. Humanitarian aid has helped people who have needed imediate help after a crisis. and Charitable aid has helped improve the lifestyles of individuals through the donations of people better off than them.

Inequality is when something is unequal, this can be between countries, people or groups of people, but in this case countries. Inequality between countries is when one has an advantage over the other, for example more money. This is a problem because the countries with less money have to work harder to get close to the wealthier countries and this makes the lives of the people on that country hard.

I personally think that aid does work, despite having many problems such as inequality. The reasons for this is that aid is not only the donation of money, but also physical resources and help. One example is after the March 11 2011 earthquake, though the effects still haven’t worn off, the aid from other countries has helped a lot, this could not have been done without aid and japan is doing much better than if aid did not exist. This link shows the amount of damage done by the earthquake after a year.

The image above shows a part of Tohoku in 2011, 2012 and 2013. As you can see it has improved a lot since and aid contributed to that.

Here is some information on the damage of japan.

The 5/11/11 earthquake is only one example but I hope I have proven my point in some way. There are some problems with aid but I still believe that it is a good thing and should continue.