The Bystander Effect

When researching the bystander effect I found a list of bystander effect cases here. Number 7 on the list is about the electrocution of Topsy the elephant by Thomas Edison.

Topsy of Luna Park Zoo, Coney Island, New York, had killed 3 handlers on 3 different occasions, because of this it was decided she would be electrocuted by Thomas Edison. Edison used 6,600 volts of AC and filmed the “execution” of the animal (video here).

This event was witnessed by 1,500 people, none of whom said anything in complaint. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) only said that hanging of the animal would be cruel as it would not break the neck, but just strangle it. Aside from that they had no problem with how the elephant was treated which includes cyanide poisoning as well as the main electrocution.

This happened in 1903 so if a similar thing happened today the reaction would certainly be different, but the fact that none of the 1,500 people watching showed no sympathy towards the elephant.

I think of this to be a good example of the bystander effect, and I think out of the 3 reasons as to why people do not react appropriately,  social influence would probably be the most fitting. Though all three do apply, this seems to be the main reason as there were many people watching so someone going against the crowd in such a large group would not have been very possible.

Classical Conditioning to Sell Products

I looked at 2 commercials for this task in I+S, the Razer Blade “commercial” and the Old Spice body wash commercial (its actually a compilation)

Razer Blade                I think that the Razer Blade commercial succeeds in making me interested in the product. One thing that I found was they used repetition and emphesis on the main point that it is the “World’s Thinnest Gaming Laptop” and this is to impress the audience and make them feel as if they are special if they have the “World’s Thinnest Gaming Laptop”. Other points they bring up in the video are that it is powerful and portable, this is to appeal to their target audience of “Gamers” who they hope will buy the laptop because it is exactly what they would want.

Old Spice
              In this commercial they emphesize the fact that the body wash can block body odor for up to 16 hours. This product is aimed towards men, specifically men who have trouble with body odor. The commercial has a quite muscular man starring in it which will make the veiwer think that if they use the body wash they will not only smell good for 16 hours, but also seem like the man in the video. There is a large presence of the word “Power” as well as explosions which also will appeal to most men as it is entertaining.


We use stairs all the time and they are helpful to us in our lives, but if people are going up or down the wrong side it can lead to problems. At school students and teachers need to get places on time, stairs help with that so if there are people going up or down the wrong side it can make you late. People can also be bumped which is unpleasant, and even trip which may cause an injury. I will be making a PSA (public service announcement) to help people understand the importance of staying on the left side of the stairs. To make this PSA I will need accurate information, I will send a survey to all the middle school and high school students with these questions;

  • Do you find it hard going up or down the stairs at school with people going up/down the wrong side of the stairs?
  • Do you try to stay on the left side when you go up and down the stairs, or do you just not care?
  • What are some problems (if any) you face when going up/down the stairs?

Along with this I will look for the view on this problem from other people from sources on the internet. The action I want the audience to take is to remember to stay on the left.

Seeing Is Believing: The Graphic Novel

In this unit in English we looked at comic, how they are structured, the techniques used in them and what they can be used for. We read the book Anya’s Ghost which has a consistant theme of teenage issues, we analysed a few pages from the book for the visual techniques used in the pages. I learned a lot about comics from this unit and I think that comics are a good way to tell that written stories can not.


TRES BIEN FINAScreen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.33.29 PMI looked at Sumin’s comic which is about the dangers of drug use and how it affects people. The images in the comic are very abstract, the abstract images seem like they do not make sense, but they are showing the hallucinations you see whilst on drugs, how it scrambles your brain. The text also shows the thoughts of character and they are very simple things that are being said but they make a large impact.

The reason why I think this story is best as a comic is that Instead of directly telling the reader what the character is seeing and what the images are, it shows them without explanation, this adds to the very “high tension” like effect of the comic instead of written.

Educational Game for Design

I chose to make my game based around spelling and typing. This is because children now are becoming more used to using computer, since most computers have auto-correcting functions I thought about making a game for them to spell. My game also requires the ability to use a keyboard, this is to help them with their typing. I think this is important to teach children in 1st grade because they will need this knowledge for their future because computers are so common.

The game should cover a subject that would be taught in school, it could be something of higher level but in such a way that the player would understand. The game must also keep the player interested. Ways of doing this would be to include things like characters that the player would find interesting, recognizable characters (with permission), colors, shapes, music, sound effects etc. Overall the game must be interesting, educational and easy as well as challenging. We must also keep in mind that our audience is 1st grade children and not our peers, this is a mistake made by some of the 9th graders from last year, we must keep it relevant to the audiences needs and wants.


My game ^, Pizza Quest

I think that my game is not a success because it would be too hard for kids and it would take them a while to type all the words. This may or may not be true because I did not get any data from kids and overall my peers said my game was good, most giving 7-9 out of 10. I can not base my thoughts on my peers though, the only real way I can get results is by having kids play my game. So in the end, after observing the kids play the other games, I can say that I think my game is not successful as an educational game for 1st-2nd graders.

I can improve my game by using words that are shorter so the children can type them faster, and so that they will recognise them easier. A large thing that I could do to improve is maybe to change the actual topic it teaches. It seemed a lot of the math oriented games we’re very successful in getting kids to play, I could do this or I could do another topic that also required less typing but the same amount of thinking involved. In my design specs I said that the game must have difficulty settings, this was difficult to do and I ended up leaving it as just one setting. I think another improvement could be to change the design of the playable character, when I sent out a survey to some of my peers, a few said that the character was kind of boring.

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Cole Tutor Reflection

What have you done well?

This year I think I have become more organized and try to turn homework on time more than last year. I also think that most of my best skills have improved.

What challenged have you faced?

I found it hard to focus when I was trying to work on a certain project because f many distractions, I did overcome it but I had to focus on what was important to do so.

what goals have you established?

One goal I have made this year is to improve on things that I feel are things I am good at. Another goal is to have assignments fully complete vefore I turn them in.

Have you thought about what you can do to improve?

If I were to manage my time better I could improve on the quality of my work and turn it in complete.

How can I as your teacher help you?

This is mostly a personal goal but ways other could help is probably just to give support.


My defenition of aid is the act of giving help. This does not only mean from one country to another, which is mainly the case, but also from one individual to another.

Three types of aid are developmental, humanitarian and charitable aid. Developmental aid has helped over many years to improve the lifesltyles of those living in poorer countries. Humanitarian aid has helped people who have needed imediate help after a crisis. and Charitable aid has helped improve the lifestyles of individuals through the donations of people better off than them.

Inequality is when something is unequal, this can be between countries, people or groups of people, but in this case countries. Inequality between countries is when one has an advantage over the other, for example more money. This is a problem because the countries with less money have to work harder to get close to the wealthier countries and this makes the lives of the people on that country hard.

I personally think that aid does work, despite having many problems such as inequality. The reasons for this is that aid is not only the donation of money, but also physical resources and help. One example is after the March 11 2011 earthquake, though the effects still haven’t worn off, the aid from other countries has helped a lot, this could not have been done without aid and japan is doing much better than if aid did not exist. This link shows the amount of damage done by the earthquake after a year.

The image above shows a part of Tohoku in 2011, 2012 and 2013. As you can see it has improved a lot since and aid contributed to that.

Here is some information on the damage of japan.

The 5/11/11 earthquake is only one example but I hope I have proven my point in some way. There are some problems with aid but I still believe that it is a good thing and should continue.

Goal Setting 2014

 Goal Setting in Grades 9-10

 Yokohama International School

Step 1: Identifying strengths and areas for improvement


I worked well in groups last year.

I also worked well on my own.

I could focus on what I needed to do.

I could get most my homework done on time.

When working with my friends we would work well and fast.

Areas for improvement:

I need to be more serious in some classes.

I need to improve how much effort i put into my work.

I left my work till the last minute and rushed.

I didn’t ask for help when I didn’t understand a task.

Sometimes I forgot homework assignments.

When working with friends we would sometimes fool around too much and annoy other people whilst working.

Step 2: Organizing the information


1. Work well on my own  1. Put in more effort


2. Work well with others  2. Fooled around and annoyed others


3. Work well with friends  3. Left homework too late

Step 3: Identifying my goals

Goal #1:

Over the next semester, I want to Improve my focus and how I work in class.


Goal #2:

Over the next semester, I want to Improve on the amount of effort I put into my work.


Goal #3:

Over the next semester, I want to finish my homework before anything else and turn it in complete and on time.


Step 4: Developing strategies to achieve my goals and ways of measuring them to know if I have achieved them.  For example:

Goal# 1:  Over the next semester, I want be less distracted by my computer.

To achieve this goal I will … (these are my strategies)

  1. Make eye contact with the person who is speaking

  2. Close the computer down even if the teacher hasn’t told me to do so because I know that I listen better that way

  3. Never have anything open which the teacher hasn’t asked me to open

I will know I have reached my goal when…

  • These are how I will measure whether I have achieved it

Step 4: Developing strategies

Goal # 1: To achieve this goal I will…

Step 1: Close my computer when I don’t need it open.

Step 2: Focus on what I’m supposed to be focusing on.

Step 3: Ignore anything that could cause a distraction.

I will know that I have reached my goal when I find it easy to keep focus on work and when I don’t need clarification on the task.

It feels like…

It sounds like…

It looks like….

Goal # 2: To achieve this goal I will…

Step 1: Take my time with a long term project.

Step 2: Make sure to put in everything that is needed.

Step 3 Mind the due date so I can get it done in time and so I don’t rush it.

I will know that I have reached my goal when my work is better quality and I don’t need to stress about the due dates.

It feels like…

It sounds like…

It looks like….

Goal # 3: To achieve this goal I will…

Step 1: Check if I have any homework even if I think I don’t.

Step 2: Ask my classmates incase the teacher didn’t put it on Veracross.

Step 3: Finish the homework before doing what I want to.

I will know that I have reached my goal when I always hand in homework on time and I don’t worry about when it’s due.

It feels like…

It sounds like…

It looks like….

Design Criteria Summaries

There are 4 criterion for design in IB MYP, inquiring and analisys, developing ideas, creating a solution and evalutation. In class we looked into these criterion and got a basic understanding of how we use them in design.

Criteria A is inquiring and analisys, this is the research and investigating part of the design cycle, researching and gathering information from primary and secondary sources.

Criteria B is developing ideas, this is where most of the designing takes place, it is when the design brief and specifiacations are made, as well as design drawings and ideas for the solution.

Criteria C is creating a solution, this is the actual creating part of the design cycle, it’s where you follow your design specifications to create the product or solution.

Criteria D is evalutation, this is when you test the product and see wether or not it fits your design specifications and if it does what it’s supposed to, it is also when you think about any flaws and how you could improve the product.

Reflection of my first week


High Points:

  • First lessons with different teachers because We get to meet our new teachers for the year
  • Being with different people in different classes because we can meet more of the new students as well as be in classes with more friends

Low Points:

  • Lots’s of waiting because waiting and doing nothing is a bit boring
  • we didn’t really do anything in the first week so again it was a bit boring


I plan to make homework and long term projects my priority instead of leaving them to the last minute like I did a few times last year.