Seeing Is Believing: The Graphic Novel

In this unit in English we looked at comic, how they are structured, the techniques used in them and what they can be used for. We read the book Anya’s Ghost which has a consistant theme of teenage issues, we analysed a few pages from the book for the visual techniques used in the pages. I learned a lot about comics from this unit and I think that comics are a good way to tell that written stories can not.


TRES BIEN FINAScreen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.33.29 PMI looked at Sumin’s comic which is about the dangers of drug use and how it affects people. The images in the comic are very abstract, the abstract images seem like they do not make sense, but they are showing the hallucinations you see whilst on drugs, how it scrambles your brain. The text also shows the thoughts of character and they are very simple things that are being said but they make a large impact.

The reason why I think this story is best as a comic is that Instead of directly telling the reader what the character is seeing and what the images are, it shows them without explanation, this adds to the very “high tension” like effect of the comic instead of written.