Romeo and Juliet film adaption

In English class, we’ve been studying about the history of Shakespearean plays. We’ve mainly been studying about the play ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ We’ve been assigned to create and essay based on the question given to us.

How successful have Romeo and Julie movie adaptions been?

Looking at a more particular movies and plays. I think the success of Moulin Rouge and West Side Story. Both movies inspired by the idea of crossed lovers. Filmed in New York,two rival gangs as two people from each group falls in love. It was stated in Swide that West side story was a huge cultural success. By winning a total of 25 awards and 6 nominations best picture.

Lurhmann’s Moulin Rouge follows the same principles as Romeo and Juliet, just on a much grander and camper scale. With Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor starring as the ill-fated couple, this film was a musical extravaganza that was as emotional as it was vivid for the eyes and ears. The soundtrack mashed hits from throughout the years together that were sung by the star-crossed lovers, a poet and a courtesan. It picked up 2 Oscars and a whopping 72 other awards. Incredible.

Classical Conditioning

What association with the product you filmed trying to achieve?
My partner and I were entrusted to create an advertisement that sells umbrellas. The storyline goes by two characters. Showing different sides to those with an umbrella and those without.
What principle of advertising is it using?
The principle being used in the advertisement would be was using a persuasive/bribing technique. Basically advertising that without an umbrella you would have an awful moment or day etc. And by buying one it would make your day a lot more easier than what you’re going through now.
Does the advert make you want the product? Why, or why not?
The idea of using the “Without this you wouldn’t be as happy you are.” I think is really effective because the advertisement we were assigned to really has that effect and it’s shows really clear throughout the storyboard and video.

Design 9- PSA

lacking of motivation, loosing of interest in activities, school work, disturbance during class hours, disrespect to classmates and teachers resulting to continuity of low-self esteem, bad grades and loss of friends. It’s important to be aware of this issue because adults tend to be un-empathetic when a child is in crisis even when not admitting, not realizing they are or an underlying issue. They need to be aware of the process to leading their child out of the darkness or leading themselves out of it. It’s an issue also because as teens we have to start growing up and realize that we’re becoming of age finishing off the stages of teenage, adolescence years and not to become alone or in many cases feel in need of help, emotionally and socially.

I feel if we are more aware of why teens become or act the way they are we can be more open-minded, think of how to deal with the problem rather than jump to conclusion and think us, teens are mindless delinquents. We’re just lost, not reckless. Teens know what we’re doing, we know from right to wrong but what we don’t know is, is to recover. Recover from whatever reason that consumes our minds and leads us to create our faults. But as teen we need to think before we act.

Plan Production:


English relfection

I overlooked on Margot’s comic and I thought she did a good job of conveying the message, Peer pressure. How it’s an issue especially in our society to do things that’ll make us seem cool, or awesome etc. The techniques that she used to make her message clear is subject to subject transitions. She used a lot of small panels, dialogue and use of spaces to coney the message. Each panel is a different size and really emphasizes on what’s happening.

In my comic I used subject to subject transition as well. My intention was to convey the message, teen depression and how it’s affecting our generations mental and emotional health.

Educational Game

For the past 3 months in design class, also known as tech class we have been working on a big project that involves creating our own educational game for our target audience which are young elementary students.

we live in environment that allows us to explore different cultures and aspects of a language but we’re all from different countries that English is not their first language so, the game I might consider to create will help to practice their English in spelling. Even though we are teaching kindergarteners to first graders it’s never too young to want to learn. So, in my game my goal is to create something eye catching, hooks the audience and at the end of the game have an open mind.

The success of my game was on the final day of completing our games and presenting it to the children I had positive feedback. The children has stated it was fun and colorful but it would have been better it has levels of difficulty in my game. My intention was to to expand and improve their knowledge on English. How I will be doing that is teaching them through a spelling game. The function of it however was to captivate the audience by the use of color, background sound and special features I create differently for each idea. It’s purpose by the end of the game is to have an exact idea of how to spell. Also to get use to using the keyboard.

My game could’ve improved if I had used my time wisely and effectively. The main thing I wish I would’ve changed was If I had only added levels into my game because evaluating the students I felt it was a bit short and by adding more it was have caused the children to think more and really get into it and learn from it. Even though my aesthetic was to be a very light, colorful and fun appearance. Over all having a nature, forest theme to it. Because I connected the idea with a spelling to an actual event ‘Spelling Bee’.Small things I would improve the game was more active animations and music in the background or some type of natural sound like birds tweeting, or the sound of wind, wind brushing against the trees etc.

In conclusion i’d feel my game has a good balance of traditional and the new comings of life and technology that brings to us.


Anarchy and Somalia’s Anarchy

Anarchy can be defined in multiple ways like a state of chaos due to the absence of the government, nonrecognition of authority, a state which allows freedom of the individual. Allowing it’s country, public to run free therefore creating an uprising, letting hatred and violence to wander around.

Somalia’s Anarchy for the past decade has been considered as an example of a stateless society because lack of organization and realization in January 1991 when the fall of Siad Barre’s government. Who is the President of the Somali Democratic Republic 1969 to 1991. Large areas in the country like Putland and Galmudug are unrecognized, autonomous (Meaning a self-ruling) region. The remaining areas like the Capital, Mogadishu were divided into territories ruled by many fighting to be the rightist leader.

20 years later Somalia’s ways of a democracy hasn’t seem to change but the danger and fear has increasingly got out of hand. Fellow Somalis explain on BBC news how life was 20 years ago and comparing it to today’s democracy. Stating that life was more vibrant and peaceful and life today has changed. People being feared of going out in the day and especially night. It seems like having anarchy as a democracy effects the nation so much. Having guns defying people as a person or group to having more control over a weapon. It really can put a our minds to question. Maybe not warlords or pirates having control into creating chaos but the public. I mean do they really want to live in a society and country where everyone lives by fear? Or do we want a society and country who lives in harmony and peace? Sure there will be a few bumps on the road but a bump is not as big as a ditch.

In conclusion my thought on having anarchy as democracy I feel against it because it allows a nation to be a extravagant amount of freedom but it allows to an individual to use that freedom wrongly. Which leads to breaking down a society, no rules and regulations to stop people from committing terrible acts, a dictator, and dictatorship can easily spring up though anarchy, to control things once more and lastly anarchys a very short term.


Does Aid work?

What is Aid? Does Aid work? Does it help us to develop into a better community, person or country? Or does it give us the greed to want more money, help when all we need is to help ourselves?

AID is providing support or relief, by promoting the progress or accomplishment of a person, community or country. Helping the others in need of care, financial support or non-financial support. Money is time. The amount of work, assistance you put in to make a better person, community, country and world.

Non-governmental organization (NGO) is any non-profit, charitable, group of volunteers on a local, nation, international level. For example: Red cross, Oxfam, World Vision etc. Organizations that consist of humanitarian help, therefore a humanitarian aid that is short-term. Non-governmental organization have impacted a world wide, cultural influence. USA has approximately 1.5 million citizens, Russia has around 277,000, India has about 2 million NGO’s since 2009. As mentioned previously organization such as Red Cross, Oxfam etc. Have help thousands of people. Good intentions with helping in those of need after natural disasters, creating solutions for those in poverty, saving lives by donating blood or donating clothes, food or money and further more. Looking at the down side of Humanitarian Aid like NGO. Does it do more harm than good? For example in situations like people in natural disasters, poverty or ill receive food brought by wealthier people, freely. Cutting local producers, farmers etc back therefore putting a down payment for the economy. I’m not against NGO (Humanitarian AID) because there is so much greed and selfishness in the world that we just need a little kindness and love from everybody. Example March 11th, 2011. Japans hugest tsunami that has affected SO many people, especially in Tōhoku where the area was mostly hit by the tsunami. With a the damages and lost of loved ones there was no hope until communities in Japan like YIS. YIS has been a big part of it. Student going to Tōhoku, fundraising, donating and helping others. There’s so much hate and war in the world we need more organizations like this to pick us up and guide us down a better path.

Tōhku before and after: Picture: (Sadly I couldn’t find pictures of YIS helping out)

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.23.19 AM





Development aid or long-term aid is providing local communities, organizations such as Practical Action which is an international development charity, with education and skills for later use in life. that focuses more on LEDC countries or countries that are going through financial problems than NGO or Humanitarian AID. Development aid has impacted i would say a lot of people from Africa because it’s such a yet to be developed so, still a LED country. The con of Development Aid is giving to much and not receiving the success and development a country needs. For example in I&S class we discussed how let’s say China has been giving money to places in Africa for a long term now but it hasn’t progressed the way you’d expect to. So, in conclusion why still bother giving money to those in need if they won’t use it right. Why not proceed into succeeding and become a better nation? I’m still in between whether I’m against or not because Development Aid is such a wonderful yet troublesome thing to do.


Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 2.26.02 PM








Bilateral aid is giving assistance from one government to the other government of a country. It is often directed according to strategic political considerations as well as humanitarian ones. It’s has a huge impact because it’s known to be one of the largest share of country’s Aid. For example Australia. It gives about 50.8% of it’s money to Pacific neighbors like New Zealand, Guam, Hawaii, Samoa and New Caledonia. And only 3% to country’s below the poverty line. I’m not against Bilateral AID because it helps it’s own continent, even though the Pacific is above the poverty line and only gives 3% to countries below. As, said before about China giving so much money to Africa that you don’t see progress so instead of giving a lot of money but a good amount of money where it won’t be wasteful.

Goal Setting for Grade 9

It’s the first year High School, freshmen year. A new start to a hopefully good semester or year. Since now it’s getting harder and I’ll probably be struggling with a couple of subjects I want to improve even more to conquer some of my flaws, academic wise. Such as:

  • Paying attention in class.
  • Learning the right moments to speak (Meaning not speaking whilst a teacher is speaking).
  • Doing work before the due date so I don’t have to handle so much on weekends.

But I have to look at the good things that I do right. Such as:

  • Listening attentively
  • Intrigued in class/group discussion.
  • Eager to know more about a certain subject.

Over the next semester, I want to improve of self control during class, develop more of an organized persona with homework and curricular activities. Since I play 3 – 4 sports every year from 4-6, 5-7 and 6-8. Lastly, keeping my head away from the clouds because I can get distracted and off topic.

To achieve this goal I will write self reminders on my arm or buy a little note book, slowly become more organized with small things so it can be developed into a organizational habit. Lastly, when I start to drift I’ll remind myself that to do it because I don’t want homework at night.

When I achieve my goals it’ll feel like victory, proud and humble. It’ll look like I’ve worked hard to where I’ll get to and it’ll sound like I am determined to better myself and especially my academic work.

Criteria Summary and Challenges

To the new year of school being started. YIS has been improving and modifying our criteria’s. Especially, in Design (Before known as Tech class) Last years criteria were 6, freshmen year there are 4. Inquiring and Analyzing, Developing ideas, Creating the solution and Evaluation. (Placed in order by the way)

Inquiring and Analyzing:

In this part students will be researching and gathering ideas and information about a product. With the information students will be finding ways to make the product better, improving it for our target audience because at this stage in order to create a better product you need to know your target audience. One challenge i’m afraid of facing is not being specific enough with my ideas.

Developing Ideas:

At this point you’d be choosing and finalizing your idea before the create stage (Which is the next part) One challenge that will come up I’m afraid is maybe my product my not be good enough, or I’ve missed something.

Creating the Solution:

The create stage, creating your piece to satisfy your target audience. This stage was probably the most difficult for me because last year my class had struggle fitting in time to create and finalize our product and it was near the end of the year. So, in a way I’m looking forward to this stage because it order to not get so much work pilling you’d just have to stay on top of the work.


At this stage your product has been set. Now you’d run it through with your target audience. Creating a survey and recording their thoughts and reactions to see what was successful and what wasn’t.



First week in High school


  • What were the high points and low points of this week?

I didn’t have any high and low points this week because it’s the first week of school. All we do for the first week of freshmen year is talk about “What’s it like to be in HS” , “What we have to expect” and “Programs we use in HS.” etc.

  • How are you planning on organizing yourself to complete homework tasks this year?

Being organized with my schedule with curricular activities and social life by doing my homework before the due date.

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