Learning and playing Tennis for the first time.

I went to the first practice of this year’s HS Girls Tennis Team with no prior knowledge of the game at all, fortunately, I did manage to become a part of the Junior Varsity Team which consisted of only 5 members. So, naturally all the practices were challenging for me as I was not just practicing but learning the sport as well. From the beginning, the most challenging part of the games were the rules that did not seem simple to me and only made me nervous and confused during the games. However, I was able to work out that problem by my 4-5th week of the practice and in my third game of the season by attending every game and as many practices I could. During the games, while I watched other players play I would try to keep account of their scores and tell it to the coach. At certain points, when a certain rule or strategy will be used in games I was also able to clarify those by asking the coach.



HS Girls Varsity and Junior Varsity tennis teams 2016.

Most of the season, I was playing doubles games which meant working with others and depending on them and trusting them throughout the game. The Junior Varsity team players were a much mixed group, since, all of us were at different levels of skills. Some had played before for years and then discontinued, some played regularly in and out of school, and some had never played the sport before; these people being only me and one other girl. Therefore, most of the time I found it hard to be at the same pace as my partner. Although, after playing a few games and practices I found it much easier to play doubles, as the partners in doubles did not only assisted you in the game play but they were most encouraging and pushed you to do your best as well.

As I have mentioned above that the Junior Varsity Team consisted of only 5 members. So, at times, all of us had to play at least two games, one after the another which was quite exhausting. One time, for a Junior Varsity game only three out of five members could make it to the game, whereas, our opponent school was ready to play exhibitions as well. And the game was to be played right after school and our team was suppose to travel to the other school by train which would make it not the most looked forward game setting and timing. However, because of my commitment to the team, I pushed myself to play at my best level. My last game on that day was a double game and everyone was physically and mentally exhausted by that time. Even though, we lost that game the gap between scores was not big to say that we did not try our best because we did.

Overall, the whole tennis season was great and I am glad to have joined it. Throughout the season, I did not just develop the new skills of playing tennis; how to hold the racquet properly and how to hit with forehand and backhand, but I was able to strengthen the ones I already had such as teamwork and dedication. Because of these to qualities I am determined to join other sports team as well regardless of my skill level, since, I feel more open to learning new things and getting out of my comfort zone to enhance my knowledge and skills about new things.



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