My Favorite Tutorial: How to Draw Luffy

My class and I have been researching tutorials! In the tutorials I watched I would chooses cartoon block, because his tutorials are easy to understand, he recommends what type of equipment he uses, and he sounds like my real life teacher Mr. Curkovic, and most of the other ones were a little bit harder to understand, or I thought it will be awkward to show you. I think if he wanted to he should do a cartoon camp to learn how to draw these cartoon characters. He also does funny connections with the character he is drawing. I hope you enjoy his video, and I hope you like my research!

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Tutorial: How to Draw Luffy

  1. Hey Aruna, I just watched the tutorial, and I agree with you about it being a good tutorial. Some of the things you can learn from the tutorial are how to use shadow to make things look more 3D, and how to just use your fingers to measure the distance between two parts. I think that the way the creator explains things and adds shapes and lines to the video is really helpful, because otherwise you might not understand what he’s trying to show you, and you might end up with a bad drawing. Apart from all the good things, I think it would be hard to learn exactly how the creator moves his pencil, and what directions some of the lines go in, because he speeds up the video during most of it.

  2. Hi Aruna,

    I agree with you that this Is a well explained video. I think that maybe he should have explained bit by bit a little more but apart from that It looks like a great tutorial. This Is all about drawing one character so you learn a lot. I think that the techniques that this person teaches you can be used In other drawings. He also gives advice like when he said “you should always get different references” for the character, that helped. What I just mention makes this tutorial good but along with that the presentation also helps. I like how he has put music In the background. I really like how at the start he has some kind of theme song to show what he Is doing. This person who makes these videos Is probally quite popular because he has his owen drawing studio, channel name and theme song. This seems like a really good tutorial. You chose a good one! 🙂

    From Rhiannu.

  3. Sorry but In my other comment I also meant to mention that based on the research that you did It sounded like this on was the best.

    From Rhiannu

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