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GCD – Community Engagement

Understanding themselves in connection to others, GCD graduates engage in significant and sustained service activities to support and elevate their local and global communities. Demonstrate that you have made a connection with and provided meaningful action to some part of your community in a sustained way, and reflected on the value of having responsibility for your community.


One of the service activities I have engaged with in the years of my high school experience, is the HOPE Cambodia Service Club. The service trip to Cambodia was a great experience for me. It was a whole new experience for me, as I have never been in a third culture country. To be super honest I was scared of the place at the beginning, as we had to get vaccines before going there and a lot of people told me to take care of my belongings. However as we went to visit the school for the first time, we were very welcomed and everyone was pleased to see us there. I was learning about global engagement, as we were helping out communities in Cambodia, people who are unable to get a proper education. By constructing the school with the local construction workers, we engaged with the children there, as they have helped us with parts of the building process, such as carrying sand, stone and stamping the floor of the classrooms . Another way we engaged with the children was when we taught them English letters and later on words, such as Japan, Cambodia, colours and school utensils. After that, we played games with the children,which shows our engagement, adding on to that, this shows the engagement with global communities, furthermore the communities in Cambodia, such as the school children of two different elementary schools. I have made connection with my community and provided meaningful action, as everyone in the school helped out for the second harvest project. For this project our tutor group had to get a substantial amount of food for families in Japan, that still suffer from natural disasters. Families with out a home that we need to support. This shows my action to the community, as I bought food and brought it in to happily bring the food to the families. Having responsibility for my community is shown here, as I help out other communities that maybe do not have an as good economical status and who gladly want to receive help from us. Responsibility is shown by the help for the communities. 

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