Students exhibit a commitment to risk-taking and experiential learning and natural exploration.

The various field trips at YIS are a good example for that. If it was the field trip in grade 11 to the Nakasendo, where we have been hiking parts of the famous Naksendo trial, staying in Japanese style sleeping facilities. This adds on to natural exploration during the IB. My commitment risk-taking can be seen in my commitment to the YIS snow club and the various trips I have attended with my friends. On those trips, we split up in small groups and sometimes even went off the normal slope at places, it was allowed. This shows my risk-taking, as it was a tougher slope and harder to ski and snowboard on. By taking that risk, I was able to record more interesting recordings with my GoPro. With those experiences, I have learnt about the value of nature and the other side of the city life in Japan, I am very familiar with. The various field trips have given me experiences of working in groups with my classmates, helped the communication within a group, as well as the field trips including hiking, have given me the opportunity to connect with new people, by talking to them while hiking.