Effective communication is central to our ability to thrive in community.  GCD graduates are functionally bilingual or multi-lingual and have demonstrated the skills to communicate their passions, in writing and in speech, with clarity, precision and conviction.


I am a multilingual IB student, taking the subjects English and German in the IB and having studied French and Latin in middle and high school.  Going on to studying English from 5th grade and going to an international school from grade 8-12, meaning most of my classes are in English which is not my mother language. In my classes, I have demonstrated the skills to communicate my passions, such as writing my extended essay. My essay was on the connection and comparison  between street fashion and the fine arts. With that being two topics of my interest. With that being in English, I also have had presentations in French and German. This shows my communication in speech. Most interestingly the german Internal Oral Activity is a class discussion on a topic of interest, covered in class. This is a good way to show your communication skills in a community and show the ability to discuss with clarity, precision and conviction.