Creative exploration and communication through the visual and/or performing arts are and will continue to be an important part of who you are and what you do, whether by profession or as a personal passion.


As being in the IBDP art class, as an SL student I do participate in various arts activities in the school. Especially the art class that I have three times a week. In class we not only paint and draw and let our artistic expressions come out, but also we reflect our overall habits and practices that I have developed as an artist in our process portfolio. The process portfolio requires the IB art student to reflect on their decisions they have made, such as colour and positioning within the piece. I have reflected on my development as an artist, especially during the IB graduate art exhibition we have had in March 2019. Throughout the two years I took art in the IB program, I have learnt about my own skills and was able to reflect on those, such as my artistic skill and my close connection to the street art style. I have learnt about the use of acrylic paint on canvas boards and canvas especially throughout the 2 years and was able to reflect on that, as one of the skills I have approved during my IB art time. Before 11th grade, I have never used acrylic point, however I was able to produce a landscape painting that was fairly realistic and 2 abstract paintings. Furthermore I have realised that my time management habits are not completely there yet, as art is a very open class, where you yourself as an artist need to manage your own working time and the time you need to dedicate for each piece. It has taught me to make time tables and think about managing my time in a different way.