Wellness Reflection

Throughout the course of grade 10, PSHE has provided me multiple opportunities to explore the idea of “wellness” as a class whole and as an individual as well. As an individual my personality does not quite correlate with the thought of approaching one’s wellness given both physically and mentally beyond my practical needs such as resolving stress or maintaining my physical health. However PSHE class had lead me to uncover elements of “wellness” that digs deeper than the required fulfillments considering physical and mental aspects.

Prior to this year mental wellness stood to define the stableness of one’s mind, and how it could be fulfilled and considered healthy when only it was balanced. However throughout the exploration of mental wellness during class I was brought to understand though my interpretation was only partially correct, true “wellness” within mental state of a person meant considering not only the mind but their “spirit”. Furthermore, something that helped me face my deeper inner side was picturing my current state as an object imagining every detail of it. This approach especially helped me when facing my negative emotions that bothered my mental state for I could be able to virtually let it go or break it in order to restore my state. Although class has fought me “wellness” can be faced through many different ways, I believe this was one of the major aspects of my understanding as it has actually helped me through difficult times.

Responce: “Pope Francis: freedom of expression has limits”

Logically it would not make sense if a specific topic or group is unprotected against the right of freedom of speech as it would no longer define ‘freedom’ for them. Given that the attacks were triggered off what was not a hate speech but a Satirical portrayal of Muhammad, there is no legal reasoning behind this specific case to be excluded of this right. Many believe sensitive topics starting with religion should often be protected from “freedom of speech” to avoid offensiveness. However the vector of these ‘taboo’ topics are often based off biased personal opinions and is not necessary recognised by everyone, especially as it is natural for opinions to have opposition. Similarly, Pope Francis claiming how “common good” should be considered when using freedom of speech is illogical. The “common good” itself is opinionated and would largely differ depending on the person given factors such as racial and cultural aspects. It is crucial to consider that while it is definite that there is no righteousness to ‘kill’ based on the motive of being ‘offended’, freedom of speech still stands far more legitimately.

It is simply wrong to take away freedom of speech, considering the law already functions excluding personal and biased factors of to interfere with the righteousness of people.

GCD: fit for life

Though I may not have gained us much knowledge throughout the year, I was re-taught some required elements to remember to have a “healthy life” revolving around physical and mental related things.

  1. Know your personality
    Knowing and having an idea of your personality will help quite a lot since, often recognising who exactly “you” are can be a difficulity to struggle through. When confused about your self, tests such as MBTI can help you determine the outline of who or what kind of people you are. Though this may not be exact and could be vague when testing multiple times, this can be a step to a new understanding and acceptance to love your self more.
  2. Learn to cope with differences
    As much as MBTI allows you to know your self, it will also open a door to understand the other personality types that exist. By determining who you are mostly like or act similar to, you can know what type of people you long for our how to deal or cope with others you may not understand well.
  3. Know when something is morally wrong or right
    In order to be “healthy” you will most likely need to have a personal moral to help you create a less stressfull and more comfortable life style when you do not feel you are following what you should be
  4. Physically being healthy and mentally healthy corollates

Verona’s hottest new bride

Fashion on fleek gurl! Heart prints? Duh, love is in the air!

“Yes, it’s true that we got married”

Verona just can’t stop obsessing over the new marriage rumours lately. But we’re done with the mystery now! Juliet Capulet is here to lift the curtains…

So the party EVERYONE’S talking about, what’s it like to be the host?
Well technically it’s not my party but everyone did seem to enjoy it. Drinks, dances, we had everything! It went great! I personally had a great time too. I’ve went to many different parties, but I feel like this one was really special. Like something I’ve never experienced before…

Hmm, so something happened at the party? Could it possibly be related to that undercover Montague?
Woah, rumours really do spread quickly now. I’m surprised! Well umm…I’m just gonna say I won’t deny it.

Ohh, well that confirms a certain rumour with Romeo Montague, it’s true that you two got MARRIED?
Well, you got me there. To be honest, it was supposed to be our secret, but I think everyone knows now. And yes, it’s true that we got married. There’s really no reason why two people can’t love each other, right? I just want to let people know I married him for love and no other reason. Honestly shoutout to my nurse! I appreciate my her for being so kind to me! This marriage wouldn’t have happened without her hard work.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.50.44 PM
Simple beauty. Diamonds don’t matter, who cares when there’s true love?

Romeo is from the “other” family, what’d you feel when you first found out?
I mean… this obs doesn’t happen everyday. The guy you fall for is from the “enemy” family? Pretty shocking huh? Well actually, I was more worried about how others would react. All my life my parents have always been telling me that the Capulets are evil…all the bashing and stuff.. The hate is basically just out there, right?

Ugh same, growing up with strict parents, am I right?
Haha, I agree. I guess all kids can relate to this. Can’t help but feel pressured sometimes… It’s what a child is destined! They just love me in their own ways, and I respect them for that. After all, they are my only parents! I guess I’m lucky I have an amazing nurse I can rely on tho. But maybe a bit more freedom please?

What’s it like to be the daughter of the richest family in Verona?
Funny how everyone thinks I’m different from others because of fame? I’m not that different guys, I think, see, and love just like everyone else. Maybe ask my mum about this, she’ll love answering this for sure!

Soo… I guess no more with that hottie, Paris?
Oh, everyone says he’s probably the hottest guy in Verona, like any woman would be lucky to be with him. I don’t know though… He’s just not my type I guess? I don’t think I’d be able to relate to him. I mean we all have different opinions. I understand he’s attractive, but you know, the “relationship” you expect me to have with him just isn’t going to happen. So he’s single for sure, now’s your chance ladies!

Any advice for complicated relationships?
Just remember to always be with the person you really love! Nothing else matters, if it makes you happy. Others aren’t supposed to choose who you should date or marry anyways, right?

Tourism highlights

  1. What were the top three countries in terms in international arrivals in 2014
    France, the United States, Spain (and China)
  2. What were the top three countries in terms of international receipts in 2014?
    Again the top three countries of the international arrival numbers are also the top in terms of international receipts in 2014.
  3. Explain the difference in patterns depicted by your answers of question 1 and 2.
    Since the top three rankings are exactly the same, I suspect the tourism entering the countries flourishes the economy allowing people to gain more money to be allowed to travel more. This basically resembles a cycle of these countries developing each other.
  4. Describe the recent trends of tourism in Africa.
    Africa seems to be weak on it’s tourist specialities looking at the continent showing the least percentage growth of the arrivals having only 2% with 56million people. This suggests African countries are not yet developed enough in order to have the economy to sustain tourism and it’s business.
  5. Describe the changes in international tourist arrivals between 1950 and 2010. (p.14)
    Globally having only 25 million tourists travelling in 1950, having over 1133million tourist arrivals later on shows a huge improvement.
  6. In your opinion, why has tourism increased since the 1950s?
    Perhaps as time passes, tourism has become a more major thing due to the development of transportation. Nowadays planes and train rides has spread through many countries being easier to access in comparison to the 50’s.

Columbus and his journey

Although I have learnt similar facts about columbus being not entirely the “hero” of being the founder of america many people has claimed as. However now that I have learnt the further details such as the mass genocide ending him to be jailed, I personally think my impression towards Columbus has become much more negative and have a strong feeling towards how he could possibly have been a negative effect for a certain group of people such as the natives. On the other hand I have developed stronger sympathy towards the native americans along with the feeling of how they deserved a better future than what they have now.

History can often be largely biased depending on the point of view. Often this can be hard to be aware of especially if you have been told of only one of the sides of what has happened in the past. Putting your self in the shoe’s of others can be an important thing to avoid bias.

My reading mostly talked about the actual finding of america and how it has developed instead of stating the Columbus was the man behind the discovery of the continent unlike most documents written about how America has been found. If I could write something related to Columbus, I would probably write his negative effects more than the glorious adventure he was told to have accomplished to spread the word now that people are starting to realise what might have been happening behind his shadows.

Bystander effect

Often, diffusion of responsibility takes a role of giving an affect of sharing the guilt with several people which lessens the guilt on each person individually creating the feeling that it’s not only their fault on what happens due to all of their actions.

Social influence is one of the first factors. For example when someone is in need for help and if most people walks past that person, it is most likely for the others going past would follow and ignore the fact their is a person with help needed in front of them. This is probably because humans tend to fit in the others and have a fear of doing something different.

Audience inhibition is when a person moves on wether if being a part of the problem by reacting is appropriate under the circumstances they are under. This also relates to being judged by others when taking this action since if it is not needed it would lead to embarrassment.

Arousal is also an important on the bystander effect. When a person see or figures out that another person is under a state of danger and emergency, they are more likely to be motivated to take the act for the other person to get back into their regular state. The greater the arousal is, there is a higher possibility of one to react to it.

Cost-reward is also a factor on why people take action. A person can help more depending on wether or not they get rewarded on what they do. Usually when something serious is going on solving it would probably lead to a better reward. People often take action to get something in return at the end.

Another one is similarity. By being able to relate to another can be a huge motivation since a person can feel of sympathy and empathise to another person when knowing how hard it’s like for them selves to be under their circumstances. This then brings up the want to help that person out of that situation. I personally think that this can often move a person to help since by leaving the person suffering it can bring up the bitter memories of them selves.

Other factors that may influence that actions of responsibility, is mood. Often when one is in a sense of a happy, positive mood it is more likely for them to actually take responsibility than other times compared to being in negative moods such as being sad or down. The cause of this effect is because in comparison of of a sad mood, being happy takes of the self-focused thoughts since when someone is sad they tend to be self-centred thinking about the bad things that has happened to them.

Also, competence and experience is another that has influences one how people act. In reality people have more confidence on their moves when they actually have the knowledge on what they are doing or about to do. Knowing what action to take, it takes off the stress of thinking about what to do making it easier to take responsibility.

Altruism and prosocial behaviour

  • What is the difference between altruism and prosocial behaviour?

In class we were given a hand out of altruism and prosocial behaviour. These two are basically theories of different perspectives of human behaviours on why they are motivated on helping the others. Altruism is basically when one helps another regardless of the benefits they get in return or the consequences they may face through this act. Prosocial behaviour is the complete opposite of this and is basically is when a person only takes their move to help someone when being aware for sure of the personal benefit they will gain. For example there’s an old lady in need of help, an altruistic person would give help whether or not they get anything in return. However, a person with prosocial behaviour would take the act revolving around their ego, and would probably not care at all if helping that old lady wouldn’t have any beneficial features.

  • Why do people help people?

If following the theory of altruism being the trigger of the human society being able to help others, the overall answer of why people help each other would be based on “emotional response(empathy) generated when another person is perceived to be in need”. The creator of this thought, Daniel Batson suggests that the “perception of need begins with the perception that the other person is experiencing a mis-mach between their current state and their potential state”. Which leads to a clear state that people are aware of the state others are in, and are able to relate to them through feelings. This shows one point of view on how people help others because they can empathise with oner another knowing and connecting their feelings through their knowledge they have gained through their lives.

Daniel Batson has also came up with another way to look at why humans help others leading to the answer that empathising to another is not the only key that can motivate a man to take the act to help. In fact, the behaviour of a person can be easily effected by how they are benefited through the act they take on helping another. Helping can easily happen only revolving on a person’s egoistic thoughts.This is called Prosocial behaviour. Despite the fact altruism is a theory based on people helping others caused by how they relate to others, prosocial behaviour can completely ignore empathising to others. This theory basically is a thought on how people help other because of what they will receive in return or will gain through the act, such as receiving money or items as a reward from the person they have helped. Although this may sound and is a completely egoistic way to act, this can be positive since it can lead to benefiting both the one helping and being helped at the same time.

  • Individually think of a situation in which you helped others, and analyse the reason/motivation for why you did it?

One time I saw a pregnant lady when I was on the train during the rush hour. She clearly was having struggles on standing and being squished by all the people so I offered her a seat even though I just got on the train. I personally think the motivation that moved me to do that act even though I didn’t know her was that I felt sympathy towards her and at least wanted her and her baby to have a decent seat to rest on.






Identical strangers

In class we watched several videos on identical twins who were separated at birth on a project for observing the theory of nature vs nurture. Looking at the two’s case, it does prove a point that nature can be stronger than nature time to time seeing their issues through life with mental conditions and also how they got the same jobs despite the fact film critics are a minor job taken by people. But it is debatable that nurture can also be proven through their lives since one had absolutely no interest on searching the her twin and the other actually went on the move to search for her twin. This is probably effected by their environments since one knew about being adopted since her childhood and was fine with it leading to not wanting to know more about it meaning that it was nurture in a way. But I would say that the study on them proves more of nature in compare to nurture since given that the fact they were both mentally down and had the same job has an extremely low chance of being completely coincidental.

Nature vs Nurture

I personally think that the black raise being more advanced at athletic related activities is not only caused by the selection made through harsh conditions slavery. My opinion is that because humans origins came from the african continent, we naturally had the genes of the blacks at first where everyone had the equal ability of running, flexibility, and other features related to advanced body movements. However by adapting to different environments through history, some humans lost these features to adopting into a human being with things that were necessary to live around them. This created the whites, asians, separating them to the blacks loosing the ability to be good at sports since they didn’t have the need on having them. In this case my theory would be nature on why blacks are better at athletic activities. However, this could have been a combination with the selection made during the black slavery times, which put a boost on improving their athletic skills even more leading to an answer of a mix of nature and nurture.