Technology – Becoming a Blogger Plan Reflection Brainstorm

In the second unit in techonology class we started to do think about how to grow(make) a good blog. We did two projects for this unit. This the reflection of what the 2 things my class did to help grow a good blog. I hope you enjoy reading it.

First we pretended that our blog was a plant and wrote how you will grow it. This is my How to grow a blog 🙂 .  We pretended that the flower was the goal of how your blog will end up in june, the water and soil was how to improve your goal every day(or week), and the last one the habitat how you will not forget to improve. We got ideas from this for making our blog better, and it made us easy to make because we had a goal to do. (I also had trouble putting things to PDF files so it helped me learn it too.)

After we finished our plant project we started to draw our 3 original blog design. For example we had to add the widgets like the real blog (but I forgot to add the categories),write the header, etc.  After that we chose our favorite design in the 3 we made and wrote why we liked it and labeled the parts of our design (We also had to make a name for it too). I think what represents me in my favorite design is the header (the one with a speech bubble and a smily face), because I like manga (comics) and I think the speech bubble with the smily face represents me a lot. For making this design I used the Edublogs Default because I think I can make the design I made by customizing Edublogs Default even tough it doesn’t really look alike before you customize it.

This unit was pretty fun and easy for me. Especially I liked drawing my original blog skin because I love drawing and I do it almost all the time. The plant project was pretty fun too because I liked thinking about how my blog will be like in the future and it made me happy (maybe because I like thinking too). I would like to learn more about how I can improve my writing to attract the readers of  my blog post (I mean like catchy sentences in my posts).



If you want to see the 2 projects (The how to grow a blog and Blog Design) you can click on the photo to go there.

Talk show reflection – Humanities

In humanities class I learned about early humans. My class studied about it by watching a film about them. After that We made a group of 4 people and  started to make a early human interview show. For example 1 person was the interviewer and the person getting interviewed had to pretend that they were a 1 kind of early human and came to be interviewed from the past (by some king of time machine?). The people in my group who was getting interviewed (including me) all had make our question and answer to get interviewed. For “example where did you live?”. I was a Australopithecus the earliest kind in my group. thought my script had enough details but my voice was too small.

6B Emma’s Group from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

Rock Climbing

One of the most hardest thing for me was rock climbing. I think I was a risk taker by trying to climb the hardest wall. It had lots of bumps and less rocs to climb. Some places were just dents to hold! I tired my best but I had to give up because I couldn’t go up anymore then  7 meters. I tried again but I still couldn’t do it. But I was pretty satisfied by trying my best the hardest wall