Art Portrait Reflection 1

From the start of school in art class we started the first unit. The main idea was “How does observing help us learn?”. What we had to observe the human face then draw a self-portrait. The paragraphs below is what progress I have done during this unit.

In the first step we made a self-portrait with out no practice. Of course I had no preparation so the proportion of my first self-portrait was a big mess. My mouth was too small, the mall was to big and my eyes (or one eye because I didn’t finish it) was the way to draw like a anime, because I always draw those kinds.I also did not have shades to show the light touching my skin. The shade is very important to draw realistic but I didn’t really know when I drew it. With out that I think I wouldn’t have improved like now. But there was one thing that I thought was one of my strengths, drawing the hair. I wasn’t done drawing it but I think I did really good on it by drawing it with detail and one by one. I also think I did pretty good in the last portrait too.

As I said we needed shade for our drawing so we started to practice shading. We used four kinds of pencils to practice. HB, 2B, 4B and 6B. We started from the lightest kind of color 2B then went to the darkest color 6B. The photo is the shading that I did.

After drawing the first portrait our class needed practice so we started to draw the parts of our face one by one. I started by drawing the eye, we watched I slide show and draw our own eye. Then we tried more hard parts, like nose, mouth, hair, etc. It’s hard because you need to draw your own parts not like the demonstration.

Then we started the final part of the drawing, the final self portrait. First we used a ruler to put the exact length on the paper. After that we shaded in the place we measured. Before starting to draw the face we measured (again) where the hair ended and etc. After that we started to look at the position of where our eyes , nose and mouth was. After we drawn the eyes, nose and mouth it was getting pretty easy and I finished pretty fast.

I already have finished my drawing now, to reflected I went back to see my old drawing that I drew in the start. I think it wasn’t realistic at all. I feel like it was drawn by a different person after I finished. But when I took a photo of it some parts looked like it was too dark .  I learned from that photos don’t really show exactly like the real one. After that I got an extension to make the color lighter to not make the picture look to dark. I like drawing so I was happy that I got to know tips on how to draw realistic things in this unit.

Science: Cells & Pollination Reflection

Cells: In this section – describe the two different types of cells that can be found on earth. Briefly describe how they are different There is 2 main types of cells that can be found on earth. It’s pretty easy to tell if a cell is plant type of cell or an animal type because there is a big difference in the shape. Plant cells are shaped in a rectangle and animal cells change shape. The two photos below is a diagram of an animal cell and a plant cell. If you look at the diagrams you can see that both cells have pretty different parts in (Well, some parts are same).

Flower Power – describe how angiosperms and gymnosperms are different. Briefly include anything that you found interesting about either ways either types of plants pollinate.

Angiosperms – Angiosperms are sperms that reproduce through flowers. Most of the time angiosperms are pollinated by small insects such as bees and butterflies.So the difference compared to gymnosperms is that the way of getting pollinated is different.

Gymnosperms -Gymnosperms is a type of sperm that reproduce through cones. They don’t get don’t get carried by insects but they get carried by the wind to other types of cones. (I think there usually in pine cones, grass, etc..)

I learned lots of things from this unit, but the most fascinating thing I learned was that there is different types of how plants reproduce (gymnosperms and angiosperms). Before doing this unit I only thought there was 1 way that plants reproduce (which was reproducing through flowers. Angiosperms) so I think thats why it was fascinating for me in this unit.

The part that I really enjoyed while this unit was cutting up flowers and drawing how it looks like (I did a yellow rose). I also didn’t know how a rose looks like when you cut it up so it was pretty interesting for me (there was so many petals when I cut it in half). I wish I can do it again 😀 !


The big reflection of holes presentation – English

My class started to read the books Holes by Louis Sachar from September, we did lots of works of it but for final reflection about holes we did a film and book comparison slide in our table groups. The story is the main character Stanley Yelnats who got taken to camp green lake (read the book to know why) then gets to know the second main character Zero (Hector Zeroni) and survives from camp green lake. The part that was really interesting and got me into the book was that the past and present are linked together. At the start we also looked at the opening of the story too. We didn’t only looked at it, we made our own opening (of our own story). Mine was about a dog.This is my favorite sentence from the story opening: My group member was Sara, Freddie, Mark. We studied about how the film and book of the flash back scene on Camp green lake (About Sam and Ms.Katherine) is similar and different.  We split in two groups for researching, researching the film and researching the book. The most part I think that wasn’t organized was that Sara and I didn’t have enough slides to talk about and Freddie and Mark had way more slides to talk about then us. So we had to move the presentation day to the next day from the date we were supposed to do and add 2 more slides to our presentation. Other whys I think my group was really organized with the contents of the script and slide . For this assessment we also had to use at least two comparison words when we make the script for the presentation. This is the list of words we had to use. It’s too small to see on my blog so if you want to see it I think it’s better to click on the photo. For the techniques what I think my group used pretty good is switching from the film part to the book part. For example when I say some thing about the book and there is a difference in the film, some one says How ever and you can switch by using a comparison word and using a good technique too. I think next time I can improve on talking slowly if I do some thing like this assessment. This time I didn’t really have enough practice and I was also pretty nervous so before I do a new presentation I will try to make more time to practice talking slowly and easy to understand for the audience by doing a practice presentation with my friends. Talking fast can also affect my marks and loose the audience’s interest on the whole presentation so I would really like to fix this.


Koto – とうりゃんせ


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