My tutorial & reflection- Technology

In technology class we did a unit about how to make a good tutorial.
Not only did we look at tutorials we also made our own tutorials with our original topics by making a story board for planning.
For mine I chose to do “how to draw a dog on the computer” because I like drawing and I thought I could make a tutorial if it was about what I like to do.

This is my tutorial I made!:

I hope it helps you improve drawing!


For this tutorial I have tried to make it fit the criteria but I think I didn’t really meet the main criteria which is “Step-by-step” because I had more things like tips than talking by step-by-step. But besides that in the finish product I think have used the criteria:

  • Camera Angle: I didn’t move the camera (since my tutorial is done in the computer).
  • Video Quality: The video quality was easy to see.
  • Pace: I didn’t talk too fast and left the text so the viewers can read it.
  • Language: I tried to use simple language so it isn’t complicated.
  • Materials: I put the materials needed for completing my tutorial before starting the main part.
  • Finished product: I put a picture around the start of the finished product.
  • Title: I added a title on the start.
  • Neat: I didn’t make it too messy so the viewers can concentrate.



After everybody in my class was done making they’re tutorial and posted it on the blog each person in our class had to choose 2-3 people to comment on about what we learned from it and how they could improve. I commented on LisaMegumi, and Sho‘s tutorial blog post. By commenting on the 3 blogs it extended my thoughts more. For example Lisa’s tutorial (how to make an origami flower) I thought that adding background music and text for the steps instead of audio makes the viewer concentrate more on the tutorial and it makes it easier to learn how to do it.


The most challenging thing for me during this tutorial was “speaking clearly with a teaching voice“. I haven’t really used a teacher voice because I don’t really teach people so it was a hard thing to do (I think I couldn’t really make it but..). Also most of the time I have a soft voice and sometimes people have a hard time hearing me, so I had to go up close to the computer mike when I recorded my voiceover.

This technology was a hard thing to do because it was completely new for me but I had a fun time making my original tutorial because I got to do home work while doing what I love to do (drawing). My tutorial has some criteria not included but I hope my tutorial helps something about drawing or making tutorials!

If you have time please fill in this form for me to learn new improvements about my tutorial I made.

4 thoughts on “My tutorial & reflection- Technology

  1. Hi Amane! I love your tutorial:) I liked how you showed the finished product at the very beginning; it really made me want to draw this dog. I also liked how you showed some tips in the middle of showing how to drawing.

    For a small improvement, you could add a bgm, just make the tutorial a bit more fun.

    Anyway I loved your tutorial.

  2. Great job Amane! I think you have some really great drawing skills that are worth sharing with others by making tutorials. I hope this project inspires you to create more! I know there are lots of students in grade 6 that would like to be able to draw the way you do on the computer 🙂

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