Field trip 2

~What we did~

In  the field trip my grade went on April 23rd we visited the Ueno zoo and the Tokyo national museum.  For the Ueno zoo we needed to choose and look at an animal and write/study about the habitat in the zoo compared to the natural habitat for two taks this blog post is one of the tasks we need to complete. I decided to do the Okapi for my animal to study.

~How did the Okapi’s environment look like?~

The Okapi’s man-made environment in the zoo didn’t look that natural if you imagine the rain forest in Congo because the plants weren’t the types of trees and bushes that grow in the natural environment. For the size of the cage I couldn’t see the exact view because I was only able to see the the front side of the cage outside but the cage looked pretty big for a person to move around but not big enough for the Okapi to move around freely. The number of the Okapi was only one.Besides the cage in the outside the Okapi had another cage(it looked more like a room) inside. The room inside didn’t have any plants besides for the food and did not look natural at all. It was way smaller and simple because most of the time Okapi is in the other cage (its used mostly for cleaning the other cage out side and sleeping).

~Did the Okapi look happy in the zoo?~

For me the Okapi looked pretty satisfied with it’s environment around in the zoo because it was eating food looking relaxed. I think the only thing that didn’t really seem to make the Okapi really happy was the people looking and taking photos because sometimes when people took photos with the flash on it would move to the end of the cage even though it was day time and the sun could have blocked the flash. But besides that the Okapi looked okay in the cage at the zoo.

~Why do we have zoos?~

I think you can’t answer this question in one or a correct answer but I think one of the reason to have a zoo is for people to have an experience to see animals they can’t see in the country they live in (e.g. you can’t see a panda in the wild in japan but in the zoo you can get to see one) and children can have better education by seeing things new . The other reason I think why there is a zoo is because scientists can research more than following the animal in the wild for observing.

~If I was an animal in a zoo would I be happy?~

If I was an animal from the wild taken to the zoo I would be definitely un happy because there is limited area to move around, food to eat, less numbers of the same species to group with, limited things to do and even more. What makes it even worse is not understanding why things have suddenly changed into everything being limited compared to the wild environment. But if I was born in the zoo and lived there I think I guess wouldn’t really mind that much because it’s the environment in the zoo is where I stayed and grown and also I don’t know how the natural environment would look like.

~How should the zoo improve the environment for animals?~

I think the zoo could improve the man made environment of the animals by planting plants that really come from the home country of the animal so the animal can at least have a man made environment closer to the natural environment. But the bad thing about this is that the temperature of the natural environment is different for almost all the animals in the zoo so it’s a hard thing to use for the improvement but I think if they could it would be a good thing to do.

~Should we have zoos?~

This is my opinion but I think we should have zoos even though it might be stress for some of the animals. The main reason why I think we need zoos and why we need to visit them is for education. This is a guess but with out looking at other things from different places children under education might have poor ways to think about the world that they have never seen and I believe that may cause problems when they go visit or live in other countries.

The other reason doesn’t really connect with why we should visit but I think that we need zoos is so countries can keep the friendship between other countries. For instance China sends pandas which are one of the main animals that symbolise to other countries to show good relation ship. I think this has an big and important affect to connection for countries so this can be a good reason too.

~comments about the field trip to Ueno zoo~

I’ve went to zoos many times since I love animals but I haven’t went to zoos with my friends or other people that much so by they’re thoughts to the animals expanded my thoughts wich was really enjoyable and helpful for me. I hope I can go to the zoo again next time with other people for new discoveries.

Different shots

Yesterday in English class we started a new unit about film study. In this unit my class is going to watch “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark” but before that we started by doing a small activity.

First we discussed how different shots have different effects to scenes. For example if someone takes a high angle shot of another person the angle makes the other person look weaker.

After the discussion we grouped up in 3~4 people (my group had 4 people. Me,Mayuho,Lisa,Megumi) and started to take our own photos with the shots we talked about before. By taking original photos using the different shots I learned that the shots can change the image even though the photos are all the same person.

The over shoulder shot: it makes the scene more interesting than just looking at 3 people talking on the side.

The low angle shot: it makes the person on the photo look more powerfull.

The extreme close up shot :It makes it easy to concentrate where the scene wants us to see

Singing in the rain

In drama class my teacher assigned a task for my class to to watch “Sining in the rain” by Gene Kelly and observe the props, rhythm, expression, and moving through space.

Props: For props Gene Kelly used his hat and umbrella but I think he used more of the umbrella to express his happiness. One of the part he expressed well was where he stops using the umbrella and closes it while dancing and turning his closed umbrella around. This shows that he is really in deep joy and he doesn’t care (or forgets) about getting drenched in the rain. Also around 2:21 he uses his umbrella and does a guitar like action(?) I think that part shows his happiness too because when people get over joyed they don’t care about anything so they start to do nonsense (not everybody but..) so I think that part is one of his nonsense because of his over welled joy. In 3:10 he opens the umbrella and turns around it by skipping which can show great joy because he doesn’t care if the inside of the umbrella gets wet too.

Rhythm: For rhythm I think the background music helps the scenes look cheerful. When you look at other movies or dramas with rain it usually shows gloomy feelings and serios situations. But for this video it feels almost like the rain is part of the background music and it makes it really effective to the viewers. In 3:50 Gene Kelly he jumps and splashes into a big puddle every time he splashes the music volume gets bigger so I think thats one of the parts the effect of the background music was used .Also when he tap dances (around 2:25) it shows speed and usually fast rhythms feels bright and happy so I think that was productive too.

Expression: Gene Kelly uses a happy face for this scene because it’s going to look weird if his actions look really joyful and his face is not. Even on the part where this police man sees him splashing in the rain and he makes a face like “oh-uh” it still seems like he is happy and he doesn’t care as much like a normal person caught by a police man dancing in the rain soaked wet.

Moving through space: For the space Gene Kelly moved around dynamically and freely, I think this can changed the scene to seem like a really joyful scene because moving freely can connect to happiness (free(independent)=happy?) than just staying in one place which really seems unhappy and depressed. He also used different heights like jumping up on the street lamp which looked really like he was moving freely  to express more joy.

Field Trip

On April 23rd my grade got to go to the Ueno Zoo (恩賜上野動物園) and the Tokyo National Museum (東京国立博物館). We got to have fun looking at the animals and the collections but at the same time we had to re search about some things in the museum.

The fist thing I chose is the “Seated Yakushi Nyorai”.
I chose this because I thought it had connection with the silk road, since it has something to do with buddhism and also for me this sculpture looked very detailed. I could tell that it would be more beautiful if it was new with the gold and high quality carving .The “Seated Yakushi Nyorai” is one of the national museum, it was made in heian period (95h century) and the person who made isn’t clear. The right hand shows the meaning, “do not fear (Abhaya Mudra)” and the left hand shows “the gesture to charity (Varada Mudra)” .

It had been designed for for a shrine built in the early meiji period.

After that this sculpture has passed many collectors and now it is settled in the museum I went.

The second thing I chose to write about is the “Priest’s Staff Final” .
I chose this because I’ve never seen this and it looked pretty interesting for me and I wanted to know more about how this was used.

The “Priest’s Staff Final” the period when it was made and the person who made this is undefined. This was used for two different reasons, the main reason was for using it for events for buddhism . The other reason was for keeping away animals like snakes and also bugs for safety while visiting the mountains for prayers by shaking the hoops around the main body and making sound.

Actually I realized both things I chose was before the edo period (kyowa) it doesn’t have connection with the silk road.