Review Of Grade 6 Science

~What have I found the most fun this year?~

Most of the things I did in the science class was a very fun thing to do and I liked doing all of them but one of the most enjoyable thing I did during this year was my latest assignment about astronomy. I have a few reasons of why I had fun but one of the main reason is because I like studying astronomy things and it makes the class even more enjoying because  I got to do one of the things I like in class.

~What have I found the most interesting this year?~

I think the thing that most interested me throughout this year was the assignment using the field trip to  the Ueno zoo. This caught my interest because I also like things involving biology things besides astronomy too (I actually I think I like most of the things that has to do with science). I also got to learn lots of new habits of the animal I chose (Okapi) in both man-made environments and natural environments so I think this really helped me learn more and have more intrest on the relationship between animals and science.

~What have I found the most challenging this year?~

In this year for science all most everything was challenging in a different way for each one (although they were all fun to do) but for me the most challenging thing was to express what I was thinking in class. I think this happens almost every year in school but sometimes I have  opinion or facts but do not have the confidence of talk because I keep thinking that I’m wrong about it, so I think speaking in class was the most challenging.

~What was my area of biggest improvement this year?~

I think my biggest area of improvement in the whole year was my detail on the work I did compared to the work I have completed around the first semester. I think I got to improve on the detail of my work because I started to check over what I did include and didn’t include before presenting or submitting my work more from the second semester.

~What will I be looking to improve further next year?~

For improvements I would like to improve more on asking more questions so I don’t have to think too much by myself because sometimes I keep thinking about an one question or task for a long time and forget about the other things which affects my quality of the work I do. I still have more things that I could improve but I think this is the main thing I should improve for now.