〜Technology reflection〜

The first unit for my technology class in 7th grade is about creating our own digital story. Digital story telling is a story that you tell by using the digital features that can be able to be shared in different ways to different people. Of course  we can’t make a story with out planning so our class started off the unit by doing several steps.

First we got a brief idea about media by answering the question “what is media?”. After we got an idea about media we started to think about the first task of week 1 which was thinking about “how we can use media to communicate our stories”. These are what my class thought about: Silent movie, audio book, podcast, illustration, and music. Task 2 was to brainstorm about “key features to story telling”. For this task we had to talk in our table groups and then share the ideas to the class. These are the things we ended up with: good vocab, use synonyms, detail, making it entertaining for the target age, having an ending that people can’t guess, and digital effects. The last task for week 1 was looking at 3-4(I did 3)digital stories that people made and have shared to the world to look and write about the structure and key features I have noticed for homework. By doing task 3 I noticed that by having movement, background music, and simpleness a digital story can attract people watching (this is my opinion).

For week 2 the first task was to match the term and definitions. The terms we had to match with the definition was point of view, dramatic question, emotional content, your voice, soundtrack, pacing, and economy/balanced. By matching them it made it easier to understand the things we need for making a good digital story. Task 2 for week 2 was thinking about the possible topics for our story. I wrote some but in those I wanted to do history and fiction/fantasy because those are the two things I like reading about in stories. Besides thinking about topics I also did the planning of the story idea of what I am going to do (I’m not going to write it here because it will be a spoiler). Also I decided to use my pen-tablet and the application garage band for my digital story telling. For the final task of week 2 my class had to work in pairs that my teacher chose (I was with Lorreta) and study an application. My group had to look at garage band to present. We studied the capabilities, limitation, ease of use, special features, how it can be shared online, and others. This made it much easier for me to use garage band for my story since I was planning to use this. Also by working with a pair I got to get more information about how to use it.

For week 3 we listened at the other presentations that was made by other groups and take notes incase we use them. The soft ware other people presented were fotobabble, voice thread, prezi, sketchup, google presentation , photo peach, and keynote (the keynote group will present in the next lesson). By looking at all of them my plan is to use garage band(my group) and photo peach which looks easy and fun for me.

Over all for the first unit we got to learn lots of new things like what we need for making a good digital story and how we use digital effects to make things interesting for audiences. I hope that I can use all that I have learned for my story.

Spanish unit review

In Spanish class for reviewing our first unit we had to write about our selfs and  our friends. The paragraph below is what I wrote for that.

¡Hola! Me llamo Amane. Soy de Japon y Philippinas. Los sábados y domingos, me gusta dibujar y escuchar música. También me gusta jugar juegos pero no me gusta practicar deportes. En la escuela, me gusta ver mi trabajo a domicilio y chatear con mis amigos. No me gusta pruebas. Me gusta comer sushi, dulces japoneses, y rosbif. No me gusta comer cebolla, ensalada y las papas fritas. Me gusta beber el cc lemon y jugo de narnja. No me gusta beber jugo de verduras y té. Mi amiga Megumi le gusta ver anime y dibujar pero no me gusta  estudiar. Mi amiga Mayuho le gusta estudiar. Los domingos me gusta pasar un rato con los amigos. Los viernes por la noche me gusta ver anime. Soy desorganizada, estúpida y artistica. Tengo pelo castaño y los ojos. Yo tambien soy baja. Mi amiga Megumi es muy cómica y alta. Mi amiga Mayuho es baja, simpático, inteligente.

Venn diagram using numbers ~Math~

I n math class we had to look at venn diagrams and make our own again. The difference between the venn diagram I made on the post before is that this time the venn diagram has numbers of the data I took. For the new one I decided to choose the topic about my class using lunch or canteen. I didn’t choose the topic about lunch because I like it eating, ok?.

Venn diagram 〜math〜

In math class we started to look at venn diagrams. First we looked at a few examples on a slide show discussed the meaning of some of it to get a better idea of venn diagrams. After looking at them in a group we got an assignment to make our own venn diagrams with our own ideas using the site CHEEZ burger. The first venn diagram I made is about Class and the second one is about lunch.

The second one isn’t really true now because I feel bad thinking like it but when I was smaller I used to think like this.