Math Casino games

On october 15th 6th grade and 7th grade had to go to the auditorium to do the casino games that the 8th grade has made. Instead of money we had to use tokens (we started by 15tokens for each person playing). The class with the most tokens left wins. There were about 20 or more games with different variations of rules (sometimes different amount of tokens you can get by winning or loosing). We could get some sweets in some games too 🙂 !

The games with candies for prizes!



In math class we had to make a venn-diagram story with a partner(my group needed to be in 3) that the teacher chose. I was with Aisling and Ryouko. The video above is what we made.

Significant concept

In tutorn class we had to write about how our significant concept(“Living and working and community creates opportunities and challenges”) relates with the 5 days my grade spent in Nagano(north star) for field studies.

This is my opinion but I think this significant concept really has a connection with the field studies that we had. During the 5 days in Nagano we were living in a community because we moved in groups almost any time (while eating, doing activities, staying our rooms).

This is the photo I think that connects with our significant concept. During soba making we cooperated as a group (community) and took turns rolling our squishing the soba dough so that one person wouldn’t get tired arms because of all the stretching and squishing which is one of the challenges to not tier somebody or to not let the leader be one person. Also at the same time we got an opportunity to  know more people while making soba about there cooking levels and got to speak more even though my group are already good friends. So thats why I think the photo below perfectly fits the significant concept we had in 7th grade field studies.

  1. we had really fun making soba because we got to face the challenges and get new opportunities to know each other!