Ugh… Mr Fedley Is Forcing Us To Write A Percentage Blog Post

Why am I writing this?:

As you can see on the title I wrote this blog post because Mr Fedley forced everyone in our math class to write about percentages (He also forced us to name the blog post “Mr Fedley Is Forcing Us To Write A Percentage Blog Post”).

So first I need to explain what a percentage is. A percentage is one of the math techniques that you use  in life (e.g. shopping). It’s a number that shows how much something can be in 100(%).

Example_(:3」∠)_ : 

One day as usual the math class teacher Mr. Fedup and the tech class teacher Ms. Polite gave the 7A class some home work and assignments. Because they are one of the most cruel nicest teacher in YIS they gave us 120 pieces of homework and assignments in total. 40 of them were from Ms. Polite (technology) and 80 of them were from Mr. Fedup (math). So that means…

Extra example: 

Another example with a bigger number :3 (with calculation) : 

Lets say that I’ve watched 320 episodes of an anime with 455 episodes. To calculate the percentage of the 32o anime episodes watched out of all 455 episodes first I need to 320÷455=0.7032967 then 0.7032967×100=70.32967)→70.3% or 70.32967%.

What you shouldn’t do for percentages (Fail answers): 

I have 5 fingers on one hand (like every one does). 3 of them make 78% and 2 of them make 22% and that adds up to 160%.

There are 11 rubber ducks. 2 of them make 45% and 9 of them make 55%.

There are 6 heads (of Mr Fedley). Both right and left shows 50% of the 6 heads.