Art land scape reflection

A few weeks ago my art class started to to draw the landscape  in the park(Minato no mieru oka kouen/港の見える丘公園)  near our school a few times (I wasn’t there 1 time but I completed my work).  for the lines of the drawing we used  sharpie and for the colours we used  colour pencils and water colour paintings. Also for the water colour part we learnt about 10 different techniques that we could use.

Also towards the end we got another person to check our artwork with chart (we wrote feedback and scores for each table). After that we used the advice in our painting (art work) we were working on to make it better. I needed to use more techniques so I tried to mix up 10 techniques into my artwork I created.

If I could go to the part and remake my art work for this unit I wouldn’t use colour pencils. This is because by it  using coloured pencils it left me less space to colour in and made some parts for me harder to colour when I was using watercolour pencils. Well, it did make my drawing look better but when I tried to put a new layer on top of the coloured part it felt like it was kind of hard to do it (this is my opinion though).

Also, I would leave more blank space when I’m drawing the lines with the sharpie before colouring. For some parts (like some of the trees)  I filled it in with black and there wasn’t space for putting in the colours with the water colour supplies or the colour pencils. This made it harder to express how the tree looks, since the colouring in part gives the expression(feeling?) of the drawing.