Relationships between texts and the real world

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What is the relationship between Journey to Jo’burg and the real world during Apartheid?

In my english class this unit we started to study the history of South African black people and white people in the age of Apartheid※. First we started by dividing up into 4 groups to study the 4 different topics, Nelson Mandela, Soweto uprising, Apartheid, and Early colonisation in South Africa(I did colonisation one). After we got some info about South Africa, we started to read the book “Journey to Jo’Burg” written by Beverly Naidoo.

※Apartheid is a system where the black people and whites are treated differently (black people had a bad environment and whites had a very good condition living)

“Journey to Jo’Burg” is a story about two native South African kids(Naledi and Tiro) traveling 300km to Jo’Burg from they’re hometown to meet her mother to save they’re sick little sister. The setting is when South Africa still had Apartheid and the treatment between blacks and whites were unfair.

After we were done reading the book, we started to write about the connection between the real life apartheid that happened in South Africa and the apartheid that was written in the book, Journey to Jo’Burg.

There were many points to focus on but I chose to write about the relation ship between “whites and blacks”.

In Journey to Jo’Burg there was a part where Naledi and Tiro was trying to get on the bus to visit they’re mom. But as you may know, at that time black people and white people needed to use different things. That of course, included using different busses. In that chapter Naledi and Tiro couldn’t get on the bus because they made a mistake and went into the bus for whites, so they were kicked off.

That actually did happen in the old days of South Africa during Apartheid and white people and black people used different busses. Black people had a smaller and older bus compared to the bus white people used.

These are the ideas that we came up↓