The grateful crane(鶴の恩返し)

  • Old man rescues a crane caught in a trap
  • After a few days, I beautiful girl comes to the old man’s house and asks to stay there because she got lost in the blizzard.
  • After a few days of the girl staying there, she asked to borrow the old man’s wife if she can borrow the sewing machine.
  • For some reason she asks the old man and woman to not look while she sews.
  • She creates beautiful clothing and gets famous in the town.
  • One day the old man looks into the room where the girl sews because of curiosity.
  • Instead of seeing the girl sewing, the old man saw the crane he saved using it’s feathers to use as the materials.
  • The girl finds out the she was seen. She finishes her last clothing and reveals her true self, tells how grateful she is and flies away.