Fair games – G7 technology

In our latest unit ‘fair games’ using minecraft, our class grouped up in different teams with 4 people and created different theme parks making an attraction per person. My teams’s theme was ‘magic’ and I worked with Grace, Freddie, and Asuka.

(↓ This is a tour around our theme park we just finished! ↓)

Comparing design specifications

To make everything clear when creating our theme park, our group wrote design specifications for 5things. These are what we wrote↓.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.27.21 AM

I think some buildings could have more detail. For instance the dark tower might need detail on the outside, because if I was the audience not knowing anything, it would be hard to tell what exactly it is. Other than that, I think our theme park went pretty well on following the specifications and ended up as a great final product for our project.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.28.35 AM

Every attraction is dark coloured so I think our theme park met this specification really well. Our park doesn’t have any bright colours that stand up and everything looks like its supposed to be one. 

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.30.28 AM

We used colours like purple(for attractions) and blue(road) and hot colours for statues and fire works in for some attractions in a balance. We also had use plain colours but it didn’t look that boring because we tried mixing with the ‘magical’ colours. So I think we followed this pretty well and don’t really need to tweak any thing.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.30.53 AM

Function was one of the specifications thats followed well. For the underground railway various types of rales were used to control speed, and the maze had lots of traps to keep the audience entertained. I tried every attraction but none of them malfunctioned, but maybe the maze could have been a little more simple because even the creator would get confused sometimes, which means it must be even more confusing more the audience.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.31.23 AM

Although it didn’t match any other themes but I think we could have made our buildings look more eye-catchy because it might be too simple and isn’t really appealing for me as a teen(same age as target audience). I think by adding hot colours to the attractions might have helped making them eye-catchy.



The 6 teenagers who took our survey mostly gave us a pretty good score around 4-5 in average for all the 7 questions we wrote.  The survey questions were based on the essential specifications that I put on this post. Besides those, we also asked for areas of improvement too.



The response that influenced me

Looking at the responses from the survey we took, I noticed that 2/5 of them  talked about making the theme ‘magic’ appealing and easier to recognise. What gave me inspiration to be improve, was the response  about different images of magic people have. In that person’s case, his/her image of magic was the typical bright  disney type magic that associate mythical creatures like fairies. Unlike that, our theme park was more to the mysterious dark magic side.

This is my opinion but by comparing the two  images of magic, I noticed that our groups’s image of magic was a minor type compared to the cliche disney magic. I got this thought by thinking about how disney was one of the popular companies around the world. By disney being famous, I think it makes people (like children) to get an image of things like magic easily. If this is true, children with the image of disney magic, growing up into a teenager(target audience) it causes the image magic to be a bright thing.

I  think that person’s response was a big key for improvement for our theme park. If we could do this project I again, I think this idea should be used. For example we could build statues of mythical creatures that make people imagine the bright magic that fit their thoughts.

The only part to be careful is to not make it too childish. Because disney is mostly for children, using too much of it might not catchy for our target audience. I think our group should mix the mysterious type we have now and the bright disney type of magic equally if we could improve.

Design cycle


Photo on 3-14-14 at 10.42 AM

What I think I did pretty well on this part was creating the flow for the plan(map) of our theme park. Maybe I could have added more colour to make it detailed but besides that I think I did pretty well on it because I can clearly see whats what and it ins’t confusing to understand. Also, I think I could have improved on using varieties of techniques on all 3 maps because they all looked similar.


Amongst the 3 parts of the cycle,   this was the most challenging one for me. Although I think my plan was good enough to understand, I noticed that it wasn’t a realistic thing to make when I started the last area ‘create’. If I were to redo this I would test out an easy version of my plan to make sure my plan is suitable for my creation skills.


Creating was one of my strengths in this unit and I think I did a satisfying work. Although my plan didn’t work at first, I think I did well on thinking of a new one using the short amount of time and actually ended up to make something better than my plan. The only thing I could have improved was using the redstone effects to improve my stage, like using fireworks. Maybe I should watch tutorials to understand how to use them.


For my role I think I could have done better as a follower because I didn’t really talk a lot compared to the other group members. But I wouldn’t pick a new role, because I actually learnt what to do better when I do the role ‘follower’ sometime.

Over all,  this was a very enjoyable unit, especially because I like and enjoy playing minecraft . I think my group cooperated well and I had fun communicating and cooperating with people that I don’t talk to and thought that this was a good chance to know my classmates.